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Do Not Suggest Guild battleground - Defend your territory with defensive army battles

Does the idea have potential?

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In the current setup of the guild battleground feature, it is all about attacking & conquering sectors of other guilds.
Within our guild we started fantasize about how nice it would be if you could defend your territory.
Today, it happens that overpowered guilds are able to block the entire map. With this feature, everyone can do their daily battles/negotiations and profit from the GBG rewards. This concept allows guilds to always do something about their position/situation on GBG.

How it could work:
- Whenever there is a conquest flag of an enemy guild on your sector, you can do defensive battles/negotiations to break down the actions
- Defensive battles mean: you fight with a defensive army, having the attack for defensive & defense for defensive army bonuses.
- Attrition works the same way for these defensive battles as normal (offensive) battles today.
- The only province buildings having an influence on defensive battles, are the ones present on the sector itself
- You can do defensive battles while the sector is locked for enemies
- You can do defensive battles while the sector is under siege by enemies
- You can only do defensive battles when there are enemy actions done on your sector

It is a rough idea still, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Note: it's still a rough idea, I'm very interested in your thoughts, additions on this concept :)
The main reason is that it could bring more balance into the game. Some advantages:
- Enhancement: it could balance the importance of the attack & defense bonuses. Currently there is a huge focus on attack% & defense% for attacking army.
- Enhancement: if you think about battles, it makes more sense if you can properly defend yourself. It could bring very nice dynamics when an attacking & defending guild are batteling for a sector. In the current implementation the defending guild just sits there and watches.
See above - I don't want to include too many details since it could only harm the concept of the idea. To work out the details, I trust on the communities/game developpers enthousiasm ;-).
It requires extra adjustments to the GBG. On sectors owned by your guild, a defend & negotiation button should be added when there is a conquest flag of the enemy guild planted on the sector. For every completed defensive battle, the actions of the enemy guild reduce with -1, negotiation -2.
Abuse Prevention
I don't see how the feature could be abused. Defending your sector will give attrition like it works today. It's also not possible to have 3+ siege camps so you will always gain attrition while defending your city.
Open questions are still:
- What happens if two or more guilds are fighting the same sector? Does your defense reduces actions of all guilds? Or only the one with the most actions done?
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
I haven't found any idea like mine in the previous submissions list. I read the DSNL & change ideas to GBG are allowed.


although as an idea it is good
I do not believe that there is a possibility with lively battles of style GvG
in mobile application
because if it existed the possibility it would have already changed GvG

Sorry for the English
is by automatic translation
the text in Greek

παρ ολο που σαν ιδεα ειναι καλη
δεν πιστευω οτι υπαρχει δυνατοτητα με ζωντανες μαχες του στυλ ΣεΣ
στην εφαρμογη των κινητων
γιατι εαν υπηρχε η δυνατοτητα θα ειχε ηδη αλλαξει ο ΣεΣ


So how long are you prepared to fight for a single province? Diamond league already requires 160 advances, +48 for each Fortress (304 max advances needed).

If you can't beat the stronger guilds now on the base amount required, how would this help you?

Introducing: the never ending province

You can do defensive battles while the sector is locked for enemies
That makes no sense. What would be the point of it being locked if you can then change what's on the province?
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