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Spoiler Get Ready for Epic Adventures in Polynesia & Enhanced Cultural Settlements!


Community Manager

Hello Forge Fans!

Exciting news from the great expanse of history! Our latest Forge of Empires adventure is setting sail towards the illustrious Polynesia!

This addition marks more than just a new settlement. We are embarking on a comprehensive enhancement of the Cultural Settlements feature. This first series of upgrades, set to roll out with Polynesia, aims to enrich your strategic experience.

Prepare for Impactful Changes

As we gear up for the launch, we'd like to share that all existing cultural settlement buildings will receive substantial buffs. Our Emissaries, too, are getting an upgrade to bolster their contributions to your city.

An overview of the detailed changes can be found here.

Now is the Time to Engage

Any buildings you've already collected? They're automatically updated with the new and improved stats. If you've taken a break from Cultural Settlements, there's no better time than now to dive back in and ensure your city reaps all the benefits of these superb upgrades.

Polynesia is just the beginning. After it launches, stay on your toes for another wave of Cultural Settlement enhancements. Watch this space for more updates, and in the meantime, enjoy the Settlements with the excitement of knowing there's so much more to come. If you have thoughts, questions, or feedback, sling it our way in our feedback thread. We're all ears!

Forge on,
Your Forge of Empires Team