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Implemented GB donation improvements (please don't spam only vote)


the current GB donation method is unsuitable and frustrating.
there are various solutions but none implemented.
probably innogame doesn't want to receive complaints about lost FP in case of double donation in the same second.

a box similar to creating offer to the market allows you to donate up to 9999 (or other limit depending on developer needs) points in one click.
solution 1 + warning that requires double confirmation (or similar) in case donation close the level.
missing 1000 fp at the closure, two players donate in the same second 500 fp. first donation is successful second blocked and receives an alarm.
solution 2 + every time a ge receives donations greater than 11 points (or other limit in the 11 101 range depending on developer needs) he will not accept new donations in next 30 seconds (or other limit in the 5 60 seconds range depending on developer needs).
missing 1000 fp at the closure, position 1 and 2 locked and safe, owner of the GB calls in chat guild position 3 400 fp (not safe), two players donate in the same second 400 fp (400+400 don't close level). first donation is successful second blocked and receives an alarm.
in the browser donation buffer, as in the smartphone app, and error message if released buffered points are more than those available to close the GB.
no text box is required, browser buffer allows you to make even 300 clicks in a minute.
100 fp button (or 50+100 or 50+100+500......)
no change

write your preference, only if we are many will we get an improvement

please dont spam, only reply 1-2-3-4-5-6.

if you have a better solution, explain it briefly to the following link: