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Feedback Fall Event 2020


@1CCX sure that is possible without diamonds? You only get 6 field kits for free and 1 harvest kit if you get into top 20%

What am I overlooking?
in my live server is possible get the silver league without diamonds
of course if I was in one server like this,I'll had that sensation you talk

in soccer cup I had +50% points than the gold league has required without spending diamonds with 47 goals https://prntscr.com/u6tt6c
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The Lady Ann

yes but I want the best tactic this is why I asked
I have decided to ignore daily prizes just bake on the last day so I can hopefully use ALL ingredients

do all the daily quests religiously and pick up every incident as soon as it appears,

hopefully that will get my high enough up the league to get a minimum of 8 fields

Owl II

Not sure this is a mistake. But this is a strange behavior for the set. Why do I need aid in a wheat field? To make the scarecrow happy?


Both the Wheat Field and the Ochre Yard provide Happiness and can be polished as they are classed as decorations.

Owl II

Both the Wheat Field and the Ochre Yard provide Happiness and can be polished as they are classed as decorations.
Sakura rock, Piazza fountain, Nishikigoi pond provide Happiness as well. But they can't be polished. I remember the Celtic forest set could have been polished or motivated at first. But this was removed later