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Not A Bug: Early Age story quest shown as "side quest"


I logged out and started the game with Opera GX (LVL5, core: 101.0.4843.81) after clearing th cache. quests are shown in the same way.
I've already reported the issue as a bug with ticket but was recommended to read the early age page first.

Issue: I'm in HMA now, continent map HMA. had only recurring quests. after taking Cuttingham and Eldenborough (not sure about Eldenborough), I received a side quest: "Expedition to the East" although ther shouldn't be any side quests in HMA/LMA.

The issue started when I was in IA, had only recurring quests left and took the first cmap FMA province. (see ticket from 2023-08-26 13:15:27) Afterwards I never received story quests but only side quests. They were all abortable.
Browser or App version and version number
Chrome 116.0.5845.141
Recreation steps
1. have only recurring quests left in HMA
2. take Cragshire, Cuttingham, Eldenborough in this order by fighting
3. fulfill one recurring quest and afterwards abort the same quest slot 7 times (not sure about the number)
Actual Behavior
LMA side quest is shown (I assume it's LMA because it gives silk)
Expected Behavior
no side quest. start of LMA story quest either with taking the first LMA cmap province or fulfilling the first LMA research.
Can this be reproduced?
maybe. I didn't try with a second account.


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Fire Witch

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You can get LMA side quests in this case, because you are in LMA territory on the map. So that's most likely not a bug.

Currently there are different issues with the main questline missing. This is being worked on afaik.


Thanks. It's just that the announcement says there wouldn't be any side quests any more...


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