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Contact Support: Double (2X) on Calendar key, no 10 pieces awarded.

Only Support team can help..
In this winter event , I got a 2X bonus, and selected a calendar key, i got ONE calendar key plus 10 stars, but NO complete master key, I had only 3 incompleted pieces which probably my originally owned.
please rectify the bug.

Note: Reported in game support, no reply after >12 hours.

Browser or App version and version number
1.243.b9444095ff (31.10.2022 18:54)
Recreation steps
Win a 2X bonus and followed by a Calendar key.
Very Rare you had to have a 2x and a calendar key
Can this be reproduced?
Yes, if lucky.
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why should you get 10 key pieces ?

after getting the key (or getting it doubled) you only get 1 piece each time you win that field

Please note: If your Daily Key is doubled, you will get a Daily Key and a Master Key Part together with 10 Stars!

Velvet Thunder

Beta Moderator
Please contact the in game support as only they can investigate your account and determine if anything is amiss. If you have already contacted them, please wait for a response.