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Reference Changelog for Version 1.262


Community Manager

In this update we are implementing technical improvement, bug fixes and add content for future events. You can find highlights of these changes down below.


  • Buildings
    • Remember when we removed the bouncing animation for the Aid Stars above buildings? Seems like the got a will of their own and started bouncing again. Nothing a bit of glue can't fix though. They are now static and will hopefully remain so!
    • Some buildings were too shy to immediately demonstrate their improved ranking points after a being treated with a Renovation Kit. You no longer have to wait until the next day to see the updated stats.
  • Space Age Titan
    • Once upon a time, there was a Quest that required you to build a Space Age Titan Synthesizer. However, the catch was that it did not accept the Unknown DNA Synthesizer! After a series of negotiations, this Synthesizer is also accepted.
    • Reached the last Reward Expansion already? If so, you probably had some problems placing it, right. Not anymore! It now displays the correct cost and can be placed!
Mobile Only Changes

Keep in mind that the time the mobile update becomes available depends on the stores and can be some days after the release of the browser version. Don't be surprised if you don't see the update on your mobile devices at the exact same time.
  • Chain Buildings
    • Forge Point Boosts and Chain Buildings did not work well together. It led to some calculation errors and wrongly displayed amounts. Therefor they now only display the base amount and the boost percentage behind that. This change will also be applied to the Browser version to make them both equal, even though the bug did not occur there.
That's all for this update folks!

We also want to give you a bit more details on what we are working on at the moment. We are already preparing a couple events ahead right now. Keep an eye out on beta to see the next event very soon! Guild related topics are of course also still on our list and our developers are pretty hard at work!