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Bug in Wildgunner's Trade Calculator with Future goods


I am not sure if Wildgunner reads this forum and especially this subforum, but I don't know where else to post it. (I did not find any way to contact him/her on his/her homepage - if anyone knows a way to contact him/her, please feel free to forward this bug report to him/her.)

The bug occurs on this page: http://www.wildgunner.co.uk/FoE/TradeCalc.php

There is more than one way to reproduce the bug - I know the following ways:


1.) enter a number of goods which can be directly traded in exchange with Future Era goods (e.g. 100 electromagnets) and click "start"

Observed: in my particular example, the numbers from Progressive Era up to Future Era seem to be correct, and so are the mentioned goods from Progressie Era up to Tomorrow Era. Bug: The goods named for Future Era are the same as for Tomorrow Era!
Note: In my example, according to the calculator you can trade 100 Contemporary Era goods for 72 Future Era goods. (or 100 Postmodern for 60 Future, if you enter e.g. 100 Renewable Ressources in step 1)


1.) Enter a number of a Future Era good, e.g. 72 Algae and click "start"

Observed: In this example, the goods for Future Era and Tomorrow era are shown correctly (names and numbers). Bug: Contemporary Era shows the names of Tomorrow goods (but with correct numbers for the age, so it's still 72 Future for 100 Contemporary), Postmodern Era shows the name of Contemporary Era goods.


Only just seen this thread, as I rarely dip into the Guides section. (I'm thinking of writing a guide for GE Negotiation and wanted to check if someone had done so already.)

This bug has been fixed, as the calculator was redesigned a while back. (It was caused by a reversed pointer in the backend. Whilst I was fixing the reference I took the opportunity to redesign the engine at the same time, which should stop it reoccuring for future eras... Not that there will be any more of them from the comments on the boards.)


I found another bug (is there any possibility to contact wildgunner?): When I select the ValueTradeCalc, calculate a trade, and then click "start again", I am redirected to the "TradeCalc" instead of the "ValueTradeCalc". (and I was wondering, why I always get the TradeCalc when I select the ValueTradeCalc again and again and again....)