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Feedback Big news for Forge!


Community Manager

Dear Kings and Queens,
We informed you about our future plans regarding GvG and Guild Raids here.

This is the place to be if you have any questions about it or would like to discuss it with other players.
Please keep in mind that your opinion may differ from the opinions of other players, you don't have to convince each other of anything here. :)

We appreciate your feedback!

Please write your feedback in a factual and constructive way and stay on topic.
So that we can pass your feedback on to the developers, the following points would be important to note:
  • Feedback that only contains one sentence like "This is a bad decision." is not helpful. Please make sure to include reasons for your opinion.
  • The same goes for positive feedback. We are happy about it of course, but describing what exactly you like is always very helpful!
  • Limit your feedback to the actual content. Feedback like "You should improve X" or feedback that refers to other game content or previous events is not helpful.
  • Questions that ask when it will be released on the live server will not be answered. We always announce it in time there.
  • Don't report any bugs here. Please use the bugs forum.
  • Use the "Like" button if another player has already reflected your opinion well.
Thank you very much and have fun!

Your Forge of Empires Team

Logain Sedai

:( GVG is the main reason why I play FOE. You are taking out a great part of my interest for this game.
I don't see the point of giving us Guilds Raids instead because that will be something completely different.
I understand that GVG is too difficult to fix, but I'm afraid that Inno's tactics is to introduce more and more inside game and events where you need to buy diamonds to get decent results.
Nice that you share your intentions, and good that you elaborate on your motivation for closing down GvG. I'll miss it.

I would like to know more on the permanent effects on the guild ratings. Could you please elaborate on "They will be frozen in time in their state at the shutdown to commemorate all the impressive achievements by Guilds"? Does that mean that Guilds which end well, have a permanent boost in their guild ranking?

In that case, guilds would do well to make a final rush.


Finally GvG is removed, we waited for so long ...
All years of proof and recordings, links to macros, scripts and bots were in vain.
Not to mention the players that are using vpns to manipulate other accounts or even sharing the passwords between them to use those accounts when one of them isn't around for taking sectors, this is still used in GbG, and we are aware of that.

This is the only single solution, to remove this toxic enviroment.
There is still one left, GbG, to block scripters and accounts being used by multiple persons.

I loved this mechanic, played it for several years, but the scripts used by people to lay sieges and defending armies made it broken to be played. And on top of that, developers that created this mechanic left InnoGames long ago, and this represented only on GvG to be ported from flash to html and no real extra improvement into it since, apart from bug fixes.

Also, 80% if not more is only mobile playing, and only a minority of us still playing on computer, because we are used to.
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As I play mobile only I always played without GvG and was always a bit sad that I couldn't even try it. So I really like the switch but I had hoped that Raids would be a PvE feature only without direct interaction with other guilds. Well, let's see what happens.


Well, I have the feeling that this decision has been made a long time ago. Considering an open statement from a few years back that there will be no new development on GVG other than the unaviodable ones related to new eras etc... I am wondering if there has been any effort at all to make it accessible to everyone? Especially as this seems to be the biggest reason why you've decided to remove it.
Participation and engagement - could also and easily be bigger. If only someone would look on time at the major issues with bots and scripts and help people to find joy in a fair battles again. But no, despite providing clear info about where and when suspicious activities have been taking places (I also read somewhere that players were providing www to the source of forbidden tools), there have been no visible actions taken.

So my conclusion is... there has been no work made on it for years, and now that's indirectly used as an excuse to remove it as it's easier to delete it rathern than fix the problems.

It's a real shame, as there are whole communities build around it, and when you fail to deliver a proper replacement, they will start leaving you.


I would like to see them update some of the GB's to accommodate for all these new features most of these now looks dated and superfluous
Traz needs to be updated the new GBG eat troops at the top of your attrition Lots of people saying they are out of troops before hitting attrition limit
GBG has now become a vacuum for troops and I bet the new Guild expedition will turn it into a Hurricane
VP and Kraken can do with a revamp to rather than X amount of hits give a percentage of hits like AO
Goods and Guild Goods buildings can do with a revamp
Attacking and defending GB's can all do with a percentage increase in capability
Traz needs to be updated the new GBG eat troops at the top of your attrition Lots of people saying they are out of troops before hitting attrition limit

Funny. Traders and Goods players are getting overlooked for Ages, but beware the fighters camping in IE for Ages with only Traz can't come up with enough Troops anymore.

Get yourself some more Troops buildings like Knights Pavillions then, or maybe accept that fighters are also getting capped at some point and won't get infinite ressources, but have to calculate how to invest them.


Community Manager
What will happen to GBs with GvG Boosts, like Observatory, Saint Basils and Deal Castle? Will they get reworked to get a New, still usable boost or will they stay as they are?
Everything related to GvG will be removed/updated accordingly. How these updates will turn out is not yet decided completely. We will inform you of course, once we can share more details :)