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Implemented A new tool bar

  • Thread starter DeletedUser4421
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As an advanced player of FoE, it has become very clear to me that a tool bar should be added to the tech tree. It has become apparent that searching the tech tree for an undiscovered technology to research is very cumbersome when a player has to scroll through the entire tree. Since multiple game quests require this research (a new technology) it would be very nice to have a tool bar that skips the player to a different age of tech tree.


You only need to search current age. When you reach the end of FE you skip over quest requests for tech research. Or have you not reached FE end and are looking for an easier lower age tech?


I assume they did what I did, in that there are some techs that are not required to advance nor are they particularly useful/rewarding - so I didn't bother with them as I went. Instead I used them as a cheap/quick way to fulfil "Research a Tech" quests. (The EMA Goods techs for a start. I only needed one tech to get both of my boosts, so the other two sat there for quite a while... I think I was in PME by the time I actually finished the EMA section.)