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Spoiler 2021 Halloween Event


5 buildings total with for each 1 upgrade. So, a total of 10 selection kits needed for the full decked out set.
Estimating based off previous events we can get 2 from event quests progress and 1 from the gift box obtained during the fall event. Granting us up to 3 selection kits outside of the minigame. Meaning that we are 7 kits short for reaching maximum potential.
Assuming that every second grand prize is an selection kit we need 7 x 2 = 14 grand prizes for the full lvl2 set.
If the calendar rewards us for full completion 2 kits it'll be 5 kits (10 - 2 from quests - 1 from surprise kit - 2 from calendar?). If this is the case we need 5 x 2 = 10 grand prizes for the full lvl2 set. Burning through 10 grand prizes seems to me mostly achievable but a bit challenging with the requirement for obtaining the daily collectible for the calendar.

To me this set looks interesting. Tough lvl1 is somewhat extra creepy, an decade and forsaken creepy circus. Though I prefer the lvl2 fully functioning horror circus. Can't wait for this set to find it's way into my city. Hopefully we can get a few upgrades for the house of horrors down the road.
Nope. Helter skelter and terrible murder by Manson girls
Actually, I don't understand how this has not been seen at first glance by a native speaker in the team.
Helter Skelter is nothing funny, ffs.
It's Manson's name for the night when terrible race wars start, killing millions of people.

But hey, let's all just go with the flow here, I suppose.


As long as it doesn't give attack boost, it should be fine.

As for the design of that set: I'm not a fan. It's very cluttered.
I'm going to give that event a pass.
why do you say such mean things lol more attack is always more better :D that being said I would love to see something give a boost to AO crit or keen eye instead of more attack and attack defense lol


And I would love to see more non-combat stuff.
I get what you are saying but I make lots of fp goods and troops from gbg, I'm just not sure what non combat stuff would be worth putting up if you are playing battlegrounds? for sure not the fall building that should be destroyed and burned alive 9 fp haha incinerated and destroyed.. lol I'm already thinking about pulling my Japan settlement buildings and won't put up the Mughal buildings.


4 hrs till box opens. No forum announcement and no even in game timer :)
All of them will be at a time I guess, they posponed even the changelogs for updates and the other CM-Leo posted all of them at once, so likely it will be te same today.

The Babelus

Do not understand why we have Halloween so soon on Beta. It is 2 months before live servers. And the grand prize seems to be absolutely unprepared I guess building bonuses will be updated soon. At this moment 6x7 and you would be given 8% Attack for Defensive Army, 7% Defence for Defensive Army, 7% defence for Attacking army (PE).. OK, not every event you can get good building with attack bonus (we had summer event and harvest fields in fall event), but Horror Circus level 2 is giving also only 10FPs and not sure 25Goods? :) 10% coin boost also does not seem to be very attractive.
From my point of view, it was absolutely not prepared, or deployed in wrong way. As event buildings usually give at least something.
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