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  1. Kleopatra unbesiegbar
  2. Kleopatra unbesiegbar
  3. LoCee
  4. LordFrunDor
    goodbye, Cassini.
  5. YellowDragonSlayer
    question the collective narrative.....
  6. te neco
    te neco
    I like trains <3
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  7. Robert
    Robert TheSlayerofSloppyJoes
    Your profile picture has been pretty effective - there hasn't been a day for quite a while where I didn't see the suggestion for custom FP spending. :D
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  8. k3k4
  9. ncshsg
    A fronte praecipitium, A tergo lupi.
  10. Julian24.24
  11. Laptop-Freak
  12. johnnycanuck5
    johnnycanuck5 NormaJeane
    So, two issues, first, I have noticed a number of the Daily Challenges this week have had incomplete statements on the nature of the challenges. Secondly, do you happen to know what that particular Daily Challenge today should be for? Hope you are able to help, as I have completed all the other Daily Challenges this week, and this is the last one to complete the 7 day cycle. Thanks!
  13. johnnycanuck5
    johnnycanuck5 NormaJeane
    Hi NormaJeane, I have a question I hope you can answer. In today's (August 23rd) Daily Challenge, one of the challenges reads "Complete 2 encounters in the Guild"....that's it, an incomplete line on the Daily Challenge. I assumed it meant "Complete 2 encounters in the Guild Expedition", however, I did complete 2 encounters in the Guild Expedition and nothing shows up as completed on the Daily Challenge.
  14. redred
    I guess a ship of rhino's might be sink somewhere, because I rescued 2 of them today...
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  15. ncshsg
    When they have milked the cow, they will slaughter it.
  16. MagicMiam
    cheers from France ! See you on fr19 and fr11 ;)
  17. Nixie
    new to beta and bug posting ... just saying hi !
  18. Jane Bingum the Just
    Jane Bingum the Just
    Find me on the US Server in the following worlds: A, G, N, Q, R, S, T, U, V.
  19. ncshsg
    Silentium Est Aureum
  20. Gasper2011
    Could anyone have the stats of Sundial Spire pls?