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Thread: Slingers, Catapults

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    Slingers, Catapults

    In a quandry here! I have Slingers and now have the ability to produce catapults. Unfortunately, I don't have room for both. Which are more effective in battle, Slingers or Catapults?

    How do you fight against Archers when you don't have any yourself?
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    Get slingers.

    They are quite effective, especially against legionaries. To fight archers use Soldiers (the Iron age Spearmen) and slingers. Just remember to make good use of the defence bonus that spearmen get in bushes and forest.

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    I'd go with slingers too cheap and effective and in range can also take out ballistas in two swings

    Slingers should be kept behind your spears for extra protection, I've often taken out enemy units easily with 3 or 4 slingers in the army, they can also two hit archers....AI archers at least once they get in range.

    Having said that you could create a couple of rock throwers and then replace their building with the slingers barracks, the rock throwers are useful in your defensive army or can be kept in your "in the city" section and used when needed.
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    It all depends what the enemy has but slingers are better in most cases.

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    Slingers are way better cause mostly they do more damage to all units then stone throwers.
    i have 1-2 stone thrower to cripple his archers and/or ballistas when he has them, so i can concentrate my slingers on infantry and horseback.

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