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Congratulation on becoming a beta mod?
I always seem to love your ideas! Thanks for posting them, so I only have to hit the 'like' button vs. writing the idea myself.
: )
I have been playing Beta since 2013, actually started playing FoE in 2012, I think I know what would make the game better!
Never hesitate to post your ideas, we're always open to hearing them :)
Hello I have a problem in creating a message. I can no longer write the birth of a bbgm because example (bbgm temple at chris4973) how to go about writing the message only for my guild. Thank you for your reply.

Did not want to mention it in the feedback in case I look to be fixated with one issue,
The images have been changed to reflect the new number of Tasks required but the text has not.
yall keep making it harder an harder to make replys an post go simple if you wont the new people talking im not new but it is hard to make post an wher to post it love the game hate the feed back part
What do you mean that its harder to post?
very disapoinited in the winter event got all the raindeer in some of my worlds to have to pay over 2ooo diamonds to get the stuff i won thanks you can keep it.an having people rebuild something they already have built is not cool but what ever some do it me no a building that takes 10 + hours to build an i already have dont add up
Are you saying that the attrition rate was 2569% at battle number 106? What was it at 100?