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Feedback Your suggestion for our Community Sprint (version 1.209)


Community Manager
Dear Kings and Queens,

We hope you are enjoying the first days of Spring!

In June (for version 1.209), we are planning to move forward with a Community Sprint. To clarify what that means, a Sprint is typically a two-week period where our developer teams work on specific topics, and for this two-week period they will entirely focus on quality of life and usability improvements for Forge of Empires.

Considering this will be our main focal point for that Sprint, and in doing so we want to improve the experience of the player through these usability improvements, we thought it would be important to reach out to you, and get an idea of which suggestions you would most like to see!

We ask that you please provide your suggestions in the comments section below. However, before you begin, we do need to establish some ground rules.

Firstly, due to time constraints, we will need to set a cut-off date for the 26th of March. We ask you please get your suggestions in before then, otherwise they will not be considered.

Secondly, we ask that the suggestions be realistic and based on what is achievable within a sprint. Sadly, if the nature of the suggestion is related to an ambitious new feature (or a significant change within the game), then it will not be something we could carry forward and consider for the Community Sprint. We ask you please check out our guidelines page here on what not to suggest.

While we do need to set parameters, we would still be very interested in any implementation based on a browser extension, or external page that you use. Certainly, if you feel it would be useful to have that within Forge of Empires (rather than using it externally)—then please do recommend it!

Thirdly, as well as posting suggestions, we ask you to please like the suggestions from other players that you most want to see. That way, we can get a gauge on the popularity of the different suggestions.

Finally, we must also reiterate, with any suggestion that there is no guarantee of its implementation. We are of course grateful for the time you are taking to provide it, and will consider them with the relevant teams, however we will only be able to move forward with a few (based on popularity and our ability to implement them within the game). So please do keep that in mind, when forwarding your suggestions.

With all that being said, we are very much looking forward to your ideas, and cannot wait to see what you come up with in the comments section below!

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Your Forge of Empires Team.


Collection FP limit increase/Large FP amount display: Similar to when it was increased to 100, going through your daily collection without collect all is becoming unwieldy again - where you have to get 100 spend 100, and repeat many times over the course of the city. I'm not going to suggest abolishing the limit (it serves a purpose that you can't just use your FP bar as a bank), but it is time it goes up again. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 FP say so you can actually get through a collection before you have to start spending? (note that this isn't strictly true for those with the biggest FP collections, but they'd still appreciate less cycles). Regardless of whether you agree with increasing the collection limit, the display needs to be revised for 4 digit FP numbers that can arise from relics + himeji collections + GBG prizes etc. It's quite misleading to think you have say 138 FP when you actually have 1380.


Buy FP QoL - this one comes down to you creating those "buy 20 FP quests" - "buy 5 FP" in OF was fine, but you can't even buy 20 without spending in between. As such you should be able to buy *at least* to 20 FP. While we're at it, how about a text field to say how many you want to buy for coins? Failing that, could browser be made at least as painless as mobile when it comes to buying FP? Mobile you tap 10 times as fast as you can and get your 10 FP. Browser each time you click the button greys out and waits for a response from server that you successfully bought 1 FP and then you can buy the next 1 FP.


GBG - make it more Guild season rewards vs players rewards. Less personal rewards. Shorten the season to 1 week, start every Monday so we can remove that every 2 week period where Space Carrier gets shunned for no active GE and GBG. Increase amount of diamonds on every GBG building (no one will click "like" but thats ok, every player knows that GBG is over powered in personal rewards which doesn't take much thought or strategic planning)
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Motivate All. I know it's an often requested feature, but I would love to see it. Manually aiding each of your friends, guild mates and neighbors (up to 300 people per day) is tedious, unfun and especially bad user experience for players with repetitive strain injuries. All the mouse movements really add up, and it makes it a really bad experience where you either have to play through that, or be an unpopular friend, guild mate etc. For such an important feature it's a terrible user experience to have to repetitively click some buttons. This is not entertaining, and makes it a chore instead of an enjoyable part of the game.

It's better for mobile, but that's not fun either. People should have the option to manually aid to get specific BPs, GB rewards etc, but motivate all should definitely be an option.

Edit: Same goes for the tavern^^
Edit 2: As @Darth Vader The Mighty points out you should be able to do friends, guild mates and neighbors separately.
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Possibility to hide reward windows. Especially for GBG, it's a terrible user experience to have to manually click out of each reward window. The simplest change to this is to simply have a confirmation option to toggle them on or off, but ideally I'd love a reworked system with a reward log and quick notifications at the top, similar to the motivation / tavern notifications.


GBG - make it more Guild seasonal rewards vs players rewards. Less personal rewards. Shorten the season to 1 week, start every Monday so we can remove that every 2 week period where Space Carrier gets shunned for no active GE and GBG. Increase amount of diamonds on every GBG building (no one will click "like" but thats ok, every player knows that GBG is over powered in personal rewards which doesn't take much thought or strategic planning)
Haha, I was actually going to ask for quite the opposite in terms of GBG: More time *without* it active. It's exhausting! It's an important feature, but it seriously burns people out. I was thinking more like a *whole week* without it (something like 11 days on (same as now), then 10 days off instead of 3.

As for the balance of it, i think that goes beyond the scope of QoL. I'd like to see guilds move less quickly to reduce the yoyo from platinum to 1000-diamond. Some of the 1000-diamond guilds would like somehow to be insulated from the "super 1000s" we'll call them for the lack of a better term.


Limit access to GBG to guilds with at least 3 members, as with EG.

In EG, mono-guilds can access but not participate in the championship. In GBG, they could access the Copper League but not win PL.
Use el kit de actualización para cambiar la especialización de nivel máximo en Edificios especiales.
The idea is to be able to use the upgrade kit to be able to change the specialization of a maximum level in a special building.

Details and reasoning of the idea:
For example, if you have the real ship, to be able to use it to change to the Pirate Ship, the Earth Pagoda to the Fire Pagoda, Mikawa Bridge to the Mikoto Bridge, etc ..., vice versa, or any other specialization .
Guilds must opt-in to upgrade leagues in GBG
Add in a confirmation when GBG ends that a guild would like to move up to silver/whatever from their current position. Guilds that do not have enough points to stay in their leauge are downgraded automatically without confirmation. If confirmation is not confirmed before the next GBG session, the guild stays in their league. Many smaller guilds do not wish to be in platinum leauge and end up spending 2 weeks sitting at their HQ largely unable to move out of their turf due to other more active guilds. Keeping smaller guilds in lower levels where they choose to be will balance GBG slightly better than it currently is.