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Wrong action of GB "Blue Galaxy"


After collection of GB-Blue Galaxy, it immediately pop out "X2", that is incorrect

After Blue-Galaxy mature, player go to do collection
after acknowledge collection, it give out "function of double collection "

that is to say, "function of double" only apply to next collection and forth-coming collection
the "collection of Blue Galaxy" is before "double collection" logic happen

the current "pop out X2" in blue-galaxy make player lost 1-double collection
it should be adjusted that it should not make "double-collection" on Blue-galaxy
Browser or operating system and version number
Recreation steps
when blue galaxy mature, go to collection
it happen when "x2" apply to that collection and player lost 1 collection ( look at pop-up-tab-on BG at right side ), i have 13, when it happen, it become 12
Can this be reproduced?
go to do it


Does this bug cause the BG charges to be usable on other Great Buildings? Or just the Blue Galaxy being used on itself?


Blue Galaxy generate medals

that "2X" i can used on those 50 kp, 25 kp, 35 kp ... to est my luck to double it
it is now used to double "a super small amount of medals-- 2175 medals" which i have 159 millions medals in my inventory

it is not problem of medals issue
it is the logic of that GB do not work correctly
when GB mature, u go to collect BG, after collection, it activate its "x2" abaility
the "x2" abability work to the forth-comming collection

I suppose have 14 chances with "luck" to get "double collection"
I have observe tons of time
after I collection in BG, it is 13 chances
when i watch carefully, finding "X2" apply to BG-collection which happen just b4 "BG-collection"
that is wrong logic


it always occur
never fixed

"mature collection" in GB during mature always "x2", today--yes, yesterday--yes, the day b4 yesterday--yes....etc
<very seldom it do not count>
it make player always lost one "x2"