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Feedback Winter Event 2020


At the end of the event I got 2 Bakeries and 12 upgrade kits.

@Senior Management: worst event ever, you try to FORCE me to use diamonds!

Well, you know what you can do.... :p

I am less and less willing to spend real money on this little game.

There are better ways to waste my money with fun guaranteed.
The fun at FoE is increasingly lost, more and more I feel ripped off


Very nice, I finshed all quests and only managed to open 7 of 32 doors of the calendar. There are way too few keys and lockpicks. And I'm not going to spend any diamonds on the sleds. Way too expensive!


Overall, there is nothing good in this event. A final critic: the incidents rewords in stars, it is a sad joke to give only 1 star in an incident.

And (I would consider use the buildings if):
I think that for most players the bakery at maximum level could be a little more interesting just changing 1 little thing: swap the attack and defence of the attacking army with the attack and defence for the defending army.

So simple!
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Outlaw Dread

Any one know what the calendar 'prizes' are for the last 2 days?

Had enough pics to find out
10 forge points
3 WW fragments
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My Final board...well short :( and thats with i think 5 Lockpicks....they gave us 2 and I got 3 from quests
Sounds about right, we could only get 2/10 lockpick from daily quest and we had 1/15 chance of finding one in the presents while only getting enough daily stars for about 2-3 presents.


Last day. The daily prize is victory tower upgrade... and I managed to open the present which gave me ... 1 lock pick! what? 10 lock picks had been more appropriate, meaning 'any key' since the calendar days were already finished.


I hoped that i can put this 3 Buildings in a row, like the Wintertrain
but no! We must build it like the Cherry Blosom Set, so i have to close the holes with other buildings...
If this will be so on release, the Event ist done for me...


managed to get 14 upgrade-kits and 3x lvl1 bakery without any diamonds spend(so 1 kit short for 3 max-buildings)
wired setup for the event-buildings and mediocore rewards for the huge footprint
at least I dont have to think about how to fit this things into my town.....neither here nor on live

calendar "rewards" are a joke, like @Nisse-X said, the reward is for inno, not for us
reindeer sleigh overpriced like last year

...and last but not least the randomness from opening the "wrong" gift at the "wrong" time. still my least liked event of the year(even pirates wheel in summer is better...read this twice!!!)

Owl II

The mechanics are great for a new years event. Even the deers would have been welcome if Grand prize had been better. Someone wrote above Grand prize in the winter event was never perfect. I agree. Calendar idea is great. But the rewards are trash. We asked to change the rewards. They said "Ok, we'll make this trash a little cheaper" and added lock picks to the daily challenges. Brilliant! As a result, the holiday in FOE is postponed to January, as always. I hope Forgebowll will not disappoint


Can somebody tell me what about reindeers sledge? Why i didn't got any of the stuff... i colected all of raindeers?


You need to pay 2995 diamonds to get the rewards. It's not possible to get them without diamonds.