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Feedback Winter Event 2020


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Do we really only get one key per day? So if I am waiting for a good daily special i will not be able to open all doors without spending diamonds?

edit: Never mind. You should get lock picks after your first key. Should have read the announcement. But 10 Picks for one key seems a lot.

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i will not be able to open all doors without spending diamonds?
it isn't possible to get all doors without diamonds

32 doors
1 key per day (or 10 lock picks what makes it even worse)

so you need to win 32 keys

32*10 (daily bonus) + 70 quest + 170 stars + incidents + ...
lets be VERY optimistic: 1600 stars = 160 presents

so we would need to win a key for every 5 open presents
(and now add +9 for every day you don't win a key and need pick locks instead)
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Yeah you are right. I was also calculating it after I understood how it works ^^

Still some nice free presents, but the one for all 32 will be impossible if f2p.


Hm, not impressed by what I see at first glance:

The new buildings seem positively mediocre - alone or as part of a set

The keys seem to be a trap - no way you can open enough presents to get a key every day without spending a fortune - in that regard they line up as doubling down on the reindeer feature that's still there to taunt people.


I got a key from my first present, perhaps that's the case each day? Announcement doesn't really make it sound like it, but it would make it possible to get all the doors if you wanted to (then it's up to you if you want the key rewards or want to go all out for daily specials).


what is the set buildings that activate the bonus of those Bakery (special event building of current winter event ) ?


Marizipan is the only one that gives more happiness than the others - intended?
In the announcement, Gingerbread is the only one not needing two full level neighbors - I assume that is a typo then

Also it says
Once level 5 is reached, you will be able to choose among 4 different looks, with each one providing a particular advantage to your city.
This reads like level 5 is the max level with the choice and not level 6 - I think this would be better:
After level 5 is reached, for the next upgrade you will be able to choose among 4 different looks, with each one providing a particular advantage to your city.
I personally dislike that I do not know what I will get from the calendar doors. Although that is intended, it is crucial to at least know what could be behind it to make a proper strategy - go for all keys or go for daily specials - doing both will only be possible when spending huge amounts of diamonds.

Also, unless the currency is not majorly increased compared to last years, It will be impossible to get all keys with the free currency unless exceptionally lucky.