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Spoiler Wildlife Event


Nice with the first sneak peak on the main event building. Even though they clearly has some work left to do, since they currently has used the same image for all the levels. :) I agree the other loading screen looks like it will turn out really nice, :)

I also found a shuffle icon. And another image of Diane with the difference being that the image name confirms she is indeed a Wildlife Event Questgiver.
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Close, but not quite, when it did come to the buildings levels. Here the 7 levels are:
I wasn't the first finding out about it's existence this time. According to @MooingCat it seems to be 3x4. And @gdz.bplaced.net found the separate level images first.
My own contribution is it's a 7 lvl building with 3 options on the highest level.
Lvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5
Lvl 6Lvl 7 - BearLvl 7 - EagleLvl 7 - Moose
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This is probably my favorite building based on looks in the game. I'm really stoked for this event!

Also, eagles all the way


Must be a placeholder.

Seems like the daily special switch is returning, so hopefully that's a permanent feature in all events (with daily specials) going forward :)


You wish!
Graphics are still being created. The GV will be available in the following Event.
I would say we can't be sure they haven't chosed to put the Governor's Villa as a prize somewhere in the event. The prizes should come for somewhere, either created for this event or reintroduced ones. But we will not know that until the event begins since as had been said it's probably only placeholders in the video. So don't get your hopes up too much.


Uh oh, that is a massive red flag for me, the fact she likes the worst event and most hated event in the game St Paddys just kills any hope I have for this.
>Wants events to be distinguishable
>Copy and pastes last years events
>Halloween/Archeology is the same mechanic
>Spring/soccer is the same mechanic


Another 2 weeks to the event, I guess we'll see. Looks like candy crush game.