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Spoiler What comes after Asteroid Belt?


And we still have missing one great building from SaaB.
Or this era have only one single great building, space career?

Fire Lord

stop getting my hopes up! I keep seeing that new stuff is posting in the what comes next thread and every time I think this might be it!! I know the stuff is going to start showing up soon, we always found out about it sometime in between Forge bowl and Valentines/St Patricks. Hopefully, Beelzebob will find something soon.

Dan 77

Except that discovery of phosphine appears to have been an issue with the data processing, not something actually in the atmosphere of Venus. That said, Venus is one of the better candidates for human planetary settlement, at least floating cities in the clouds, if you believe planets are where we should be prioritizing our colonization efforts. Floating cities are actually quite realistic with technology that is available now or expected to be available in the near future.
Really? One of the worst candidate, actually. I think really unrealistic now.
Really? One of the worst candidate, actually. I think really unrealistic now.
Any planetary colonization is unrealistic right now. We don't even have a clue if Humans can live in reduced gravity without substantial long term effects. We do microgravity studies in the ISS, and the only people to have ever experienced reduced gravity are the astronauts that landed on the Moon, but they were there for too short a period to make any conclusions, and in fact spent more time in zero-g than on the Moon.

Habitats around Earth, Mars and in the Belt are the most realistic options in the short to mid term. An industrial setup on the Moon too, but that doesn't need to have all that many people there, since telepresence for operating equipment from orbit or Earth itself is a viable option.

Venus is in reality a pretty good option, since temperatures, atmospheric pressure, and gravity would be at Earth norms for those floating cities. Since Venus' atmosphere is so thick, you can use oxygen to float your cities, no helium or hydrogen needed. If we can figure out how to extract the carbon from the atmosphere of Venus and turn it into high quantity graphene production on the cheap it may become the best place for us to set up shop for that in the inner solar system, and that would most likely be the reason we set up shop there.

Remember, gravity wells aren't your friend, especially after you expend all that energy getting out of the well in the first place.

Dan 77

@Kranyar the Mysterious Exists an astronaut who lived in the ISS for the whole year. Still this is microgravity vs. lower gravity, the first is worse, I believe. But nobody was born in space, so...
Isn't the Venus the hottest planet in the Solar system, even hotter than Mercur? I've always heard and thought it.
@Kranyar the MysteriousIsn't the Venus the hottest planet in the Solar system, even hotter than Mercur? I've always heard and thought it.
At the surface, yes, but Venus' atmosphere is many times denser than Earth's, even though they are close to the same size. So once you get closer to the top of the atmosphere, the pressure drops as does the temperature. There lays a band that is close to Earth pressure and temperature, though the rain there is very acidic, not water.

Gravity even very high up isn't much different than on the surface. In fact the gravity at the ISS is almost the same as it is here on the surface for all practical purposes, it's the fact it is orbiting that causes there to be no gravity, because you are actually falling around the planet at that point. If the ISS was stationary instead of orbiting, and you stepped out of the ISS, you would simply fall (skydive) to the ground below you, no re-entry burn would occur either.

Fire Lord

Today in one of the facebook fan pages of FoE I saw a video about the best of 2020 in FoE and there I noticed new building...is that building a one which gives you happines or not? I doubt that it will be the new townhall!!

I feel it, we're close to getting images for the buildings. I know venus is supposed to have some nod to sky cities it shows in the research tree picture, but it's nice to see some actual building.


It is impossible mine jupiter.. the pressure in jupiter is so extreme and its surface is so deep from where it's atmosphere begins... any ship and you (even if you have a sci-fi starship), would be crushed before reach the 50% of the distance to reach it's surace. so, any era where you can mine jupiter would be in all therms very unrealistic.
It would not necessary to mine the SURFACE of Jupiter (if it even HAS a solid core). The atmosphere of Jupiter has many, many interesting chemical compounds.