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Discussion We need more automation

aquila scutum

I am willing to pay diamonds for automation. The only amazing feature I see is when I collect my town instantly paying 5 diamonds and choose my production plan .That's amazing but that's it?
How about collecting colony in later ages?
I want to pay also for auto-motivating all my neighbors, guild members or friends.
Also would be nice to replace recurring quests with an instant rewards (of course affected by Frontenac). If need diamonds for this, I'll pay.

I hope the purpose of this game is not to become the most clickable game in history. :)
ya how about a bot that can be activated for 500 diamonds that does everything for you (including playing event minigames and completing missions for it) for a full week orso? :p


that does everything for you (including playing event minigames and completing missions for it)
If it's doing *everything* including event minigames and it's taking the best possible course of action for the events, it'd be worth more than just 500 diamonds. If it's doing a bad job at the event minigame then it's wasting my money to have the bot ever touch the event minigame


10k including the event, yeah that sounds like it'd be the kind of price range I'd expect for complete, full automation of *everything* including event given the normal price of event buildings. Now would that be *everything* for the entire account on every world? Or *everything* per world?

Either way, I could imagine some people setting themselves up with diamond generation through GE, GBG and/or WWs to pay for the bot automation :p


@punita I would love to invest something like that. How fast is the delivery time approximately?
dear sir.
The delivery time varies with how many extra diamonds you pay. Without any extra diamonds spent it will take 2-3 weeks to reach depending on your Rl country/place. every 100 extra diamonds spend the order will arrive early by 1 hr.
In the previous advertisement of our produce I forgot to mention that the cost of 10000 diamonds does not include -taxes(69%), shipping charges(4321 diamonds), its food charges(it needs a gold plated burger and a not home made coffee for all 3 meals which we will sell you for 2048 diamonds/meal),computer charges(7890 diamonds) . so you want it just ping me with your details and payment.