Venice Carnival Event

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    Dear Kings and Queens,

    Carnivals are rooted in an old tradition. The Carnival in Venice started as a festival in honor of the victory of the Republic of Venice against the Patriarch of Aquileia in the year 1162. The celebration changed and evolved over the years and was even banned for nearly two centuries before reaching its contemporary style.

    This year in Forge of Empires, you have a chance to lose yourself in the colorful maelstrom that is the Carnival of Venice. You will also assist a mysterious quest giver in finding love.
    You will do so by offering roses to masked attendants of a ball. They may give you hearts in return.


    The event window
    All the action takes place in the event window.
    You're attending a Grand Masquerade Ball and you offer roses to other attendees. You decide to whom you give your roses.

    You can give them to a person that is likely to accept them and give you hearts in return, or you can take a risk and give them to someone that is clearly not that much into you. In that case you may need some luck to not get rejected and be given hearts in return. The choice is yours!


    Winning hearts
    Every time you're rejected, the pool of hearts rises for that particular option. The first person lucky enough to be accepted, will take all the available hearts. While for the first masked individual it is not much of an achievement, as you will be always accepted, it is a bit more difficult for the second and third person. If you have enough luck to be accepted, you will win the entire hearts pool that has accumulated for this particular masked individual.

    And if you are the person that got the best result in a single attempt, you will become the "Top Casanova" and you will have a chance of getting a unique Mask Statue for your city.


    Grabbing prizes
    There are three different kinds of prizes that you can get during the Carnival in Venice:
    - The Top Casanova reward.
    - The rotating reward you can get directly by spending hearts.
    - A random reward from the chest.

    In addition, if you complete all the quests, you will also get a portrait and a Masquerade Ball production building that can produce not only supplies, but also coins, goods and Forge Points.

    And remember: among the rewards you can get, there are 4 brand new carnival-themed building. Try getting them all!

    Masquerade Ball
    Production building - 4x5
    Renaissance Villa
    Residential building - 3x3
    Venice Canal
    Decoration - 2x1
    Mask Statue
    Decoration - 1x1


    The Event will run till the 1st of February. Good luck and have fun!
    And as always - remember to give us your feedback here!

    Forge of Empires Team

    P.S. Please note that during the BETA phase, the event is only available on the browser version of the game. On live servers it will be available on both browser and mobile.

    P.P.S. All active accounts at this time have been credited with 1000 Diamonds. Thank you for helping us test this event!
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