Update 1.10 Missions - Earn yourself some diamonds!

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    Hello Kings and Queens,

    Version 1.10 brings an opportunity to have a couple of missions running. There are two missions this time, one with a limited timescale, and another which will run until further notice. See below for details of the missions.

    Early Middle Age Bonus Content Bug Mission:

    • A short, straightforward quest line of quests will kick in after acquiring province 15 (Sturmhohen), which is in the middle of EMA-map. The province leader is a fierce barbarian by the name of Bogdan the Beast. In the last province, there will a different leader.
    • The new Quest line should work with the correct quest logic.
    • A 3rd quest icon appears which needs to vanish after quest line completion for players not yet in Late Middle Age Bonus Content.
    • The Campaign Map should exhibit correct scouting, diplomacy and rewards behavior with 4 new provinces and 23 sectors.
    • The mission will run from Friday morning 9am server time, until Monday 12:00.

    Click here to view the mission thread!

    New Army Management System Bug Mission:

    • This is part of the new Guild vs. Guild feature and does not require super rapid feedback, hence this mission can remain open until further notice (probably until the next update).
    • Note that this feature has not received much QA and we suggest to announce it as work in progress and as not to be released soon. Early feedback is very helpful and appreciated by IG.
    • City View, Defending Army, Attacking Province, Attacking Players and After Battle Report is part of the mission.
    • This mission will run from Friday 9am until further notice, because the feature will *not* be included in version 1.10 for the live servers.

    Click here to view the mission thread!

    New Army Management System Feedback Mission:

    • Similar to the feedback we requested for the neighbourhood merge, we want to gather as much as we can from you guys on the new Army Management System
    • The thread is for *feedback* not for bugs reporting. Bugs go in the above mission.
    • The same rules will apply for eligibility for rewards. Please see the thread for full details
    • Specifically, we are looking to find out:
      • Is the screen intuitive and easy to use?
      • If not, which part was not easy to understand?
      • General feedback
    • The feedback thread will be open from now until further notice

    Click Here To View The Feedback Thread.

    We look forward to reading your bugs and feedback! Happy hunting!

    The Beta Team