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Event The Summer Event returns for 2021


Community Manager

Dear Kings and Queens,

It's that time again! Forge Island once again welcomes you to its shores, to participate in its internationally renowned Festival! Among its many attractions, foremost is the Wheel of Fortune. Perhaps this year, you will finally strike it rich!

The Summer Event will begin on Beta on the 1st of July, and run until the 22nd of July

As with last year, you will be met by the local governor of Forge Island. By now, you know the man's reputation, he likes to spin a yarn or two! Yet, that is not all he is known for, stick with him, and he will give you access to the wheel of fortune. Not only that, but he will give you quests to earn Doubloons, required to give the wheel a spin!

He will not be your only companion of course, as Jane will once again meet your acquaintance. While her sanity is always in question, certainly her commitment to finding treasure, and her capacity to do so, has never led you astray. In completing her tasks, she will also help you earn Doubloons, and edge closer to the treasure you have been seeking!

In total, from the Governor, and Jane, there will 21 daily quests and 34 rush quests.

Gold Doubloons!

In order to spin the wheel, you first need to earn Doubloons. As mentioned, you can get them by completing quests. In addition, you will also receive them for completing incidents around your city, as well as a daily log-in bonus.

Of course, you can also use Diamonds to purchase Doubloons, if you cannot wait to spin again.

The Wheel Of Fortune Awaits!

To start the Wheel of Fortune, click the bar in the top left corner of your screen:

You will now see the wheel, as well as the buttons to, "spin" or,"refresh & spin." One "spin" costs one Doubloon, and results in one prize. Alternatively, you can "refresh and spin" to call up a whole new set of prizes for your neighborhood. No matter what you choose, you will always win a prize!

However, please keep in mind, that your neighborhood shares the wheel. Therefore, when you grab a prize, it is then gone for everyone else, and when you refresh, the list of prizes also refreshes for the rest of the neighborhood. With neighborhood refreshes, they will generally only happen when others click that option (however, a refresh will also when neighborhoods are merged).

In terms of keeping track of the prizes, and who is winning what, you can always look to the bottom of the window which will notify you the last time an action has occurred (i.e. when someone wins a prize, or a refresh occurs).

Sail Away, Sail Away...

The wheel will not only give you a chance at prizes, but it will also chart a course toward the Grand Prize! With each spin, it will provide you with a Compass which can be used on the 'Sail' option. Doing so, will give a chance to move 1-3 places up the map (depending on where the compass lands).

Once you reach the edge of the map, you will receive a Prize, and the map will refresh, so that you can try to get the next one!

The Rewards From Spinning The Wheel!

Common rewards can be obtained up to four times (you will see how many are left of each prize by how many green bars are in the circle surrounding it). Once the bars are depleted, that prize can no longer be won, and to find it again, you may need to refresh the wheel. Of course, if you run out of all prizes, then it will refresh automatically.

With the more special prizes, they will be surrounded by a golden circle, and can only be won once! Among these special prizes are the event buildings from the previous events, including the Governor's Villa, and the Crow's Nest!

The Grand Prize!

So, what will be this year's Grand Prize, and the final port of call, you may ask?

Allow us to present - The Pirate's Hideout! A place of refuge for only the most worthy of pirates, it is said here the world's best treasure is traded on a daily basis!

The Pirate's Hideout is 6x5 building that is upgradeable up to 9 levels. At level 1, it will have a base happiness, population, and coins boost.

From level 2, you will receive medals and supplies, and at level 3, a chance to also collect Goods! At level 4, there is a chance to receive one of the following - Medals, Supplies, Goods, or Forge Points!

Finally, from level 7 onwards, you will also receive an attacking bonus for your attacking armies. Each one of these boosts will increase in value, as you level-up!

However, that is not all! There are also chain decorations that you can win during the Event, which you can add to the pirate's hideout. When chained to your Pirate's Hideout, they will provide a boost in happiness, as well as generous provision of goods, forge points, or an 8% defensive boost for you attacking armies (depending on what you decide). Therefore, they are certainly something you should consider chaining to the building!

Shark Shallows (when chained)Captain's Anchorage (when chained)Fisherman's Pier (when chained)
  • Happiness Boost
  • 9 Random Goods
  • Happiness Boost
  • 8% Defensive boost for your attacking armies
  • Happiness Boost
  • 4 Forge Points

Event Hub Addition - The Tropical Cafe

Not only that! There will also be an Event addition to win by completing quest events!

With, 'The Tropical Cafe', you will not only receive a beautiful summery addition to spruce up the Event Hub, but also a 3 day 20% defensive boost for your attacking armies. Certainly, something you may not want to miss!

Reward Avatars

Finally, we have the following reward avatars available to win!

Reil - Questline RewardDonya - Questline Reward

Should you have any comments, questions or issues, please let us know in this feedback topic! We're very much looking forward to your feedback!

Finally, please keep in mind that you can always test our newest features in advance by using our Beta Mobile App. For more information on how to install it, please follow this link.

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Your Forge of Empires Team.
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Dear Kings and Queens,

Due to some last minute tweaks, the event will start one day later and instead begin on the 1st of July (rather than the 30th of June). Due to the one-day delay, the event will also end one day later (on the 22nd of July).

Thank you for your understanding and patience on this matter.

Your Forge of Empires Team.