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Feedback The new negotiation feature

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@dontwannaname Ah, I think I see what you're saying now! I get where one could be 'tricked', but at the same time I can see just looking at the yellow color and remembering that it's going to be needed somewhere else. At worst, it just seems like a small adjustment period because it can't really affect the logic of how the negotiation is solved since it only truly excludes an offer from any slot it's already been offered to.


I never negotiated on Beta now i see what everyone is moaning about, what is the point of graying out something if its still needed?


I never negotiated on Beta now i see what everyone is moaning about, what is the point of graying out something if its still needed?
The point is to prevent someone who's clicking quickly from accidentally placing a good in a slot where they already know it doesn't go. I'm not sure anyone asked for it but it is useful if you're trying to go fast to get it over with.

For people who decide where everything's going before they place anything (of which I'm one) it just means tracking it in their head instead of clicking one of the remaining targets to get the list of "everything left". Which is a little less convenient from a perspective of laziness but it took me about 30 minutes of negotiating in GBG to get used to the switch and I will enjoy the savings of not messing up the occasional negotiation because I placed a duplicate and not what I meant to place (hands and brain not always connected! ;))


Amazing how such a small change can cause such distaste. I never even knew this was a "problem" that needed fixed. of course i selected an item i knew i shouldn't have when negotiating in a hurry, not the game's fault. I don't think making changes to the difficulty of puzzle aspects of the game that seem to serve no real purpose other than making it easier or dumbing it down for some is a direction i care to see taken even if it does benefit my play. let it be difficult and require attention. let me mess it up if i'm not paying attention. don't tell me you think i'm stupid by taking away my options.

this change is a direct insult to every player here. Can't negotiate?, learning disability? here dummy, we'll help you.
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I have that already on my app for my regular city and and I really like it. I have goofed a few times in the past and this extra little touch is nice. Not world changing but a handy little tool.
Didn't really notice at first that's how easily it fit in.