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Reported to Developers: The graphics, are all wrong


3 examples:


1603792440305.png 1603792491552.png
Browser or operating system and version number
FF, latest
Recreation steps
Open the game
all the time
Can this be reproduced?


I've noticed changes to the symbols depicting events .. was it intentional to mark motivation events with a silver coin and change tavern events to what looks like a small boat?

just wondered as to me it made more sense to keep marking tavern events with the silver coin as they are more relevant to the tavern.
Saw this issue (incorrect icons e.g. goods showed as afootball) on Firefox 81.0.2 (64-bit). Updated to 82.0.1 (64-bit) and icons are now displaying correctly


For those experiencing today could you also please try a cache clear? I could reproduce yesterday but not as yet today.


For those experiencing today could you also please try a cache clear? I could reproduce yesterday but not as yet today.
Even after clearing the cache the problem remains. Yesterday I was not hit by the problem, but today.

Also some members of my guild had the problem yesterday, it was also solved yesterday and today it occurs to them again...


Beta Moderator
Over the last week there has been updates to various browsers. Also graphic driver updates. It may be worth checking if your machines require any updates. then clear cache. Check if this fixes this issue.

Many times this is all that is required and is the first steps in trouble shooting. I am sure you all appreciate there are many browsers, drivers etc out there.

If after checking all this you still have issues then send in a ticket explaining the steps you have tried. It all helps in the investigating process.


just wondering
why is nobody saying which version of the game he uses: flash or html5

my flash is working correct


What's up with all the new Icons in the Town Hall and other places as well? They are hard to see and I'm not sure what purpose they serve.
I saw no announcement or change log for this new feature.


Okay who done about broke this??

Seems like the Christmas stuff has invaded the regular stuff.
You had one job, Carl!!!