The GE Guild Expeditions. Unlocking the next levels. Arrogant Guild leaders(?)

I am now a member of the 4th Guild. Same story once again...
I finish level 1 in the GE. 2nd level locked.
Now I get the the pop up: "Donate and ask the the guild leaders to unlock" .

So I donate according to
I beg the Guild leader in personal mails to unlock the next level. NOTHING HAPPENS! I do not even receive a reply!

Where do I find more information?
What are the rules?
What is it, I do not understand?
How do I find a Guild who wants to prosper?
All I see, again and again, is arrogant Guild leaders, withholding their members and behaving like the Guild Treasury is their own personal fortune.

Thx. a lot in advance.

Manda the first

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It's hard to say if your guild has enough to unlock the additional levels, they cannot unlock it just for you they have to unlock it for the whole guild. Just because you paid your share doesn't mean everyone else did.

In either event your leader should have replied to you. In beta I'm in guild Non Stop. They are very good and open all 4 levels each week right away even though we have a few people (like myself) who don't play on beta more than a couple times a week.


How much of GE would you like to do? It seems to me you always choose guilds without demanding to do a certain amount od GE conflicts, so not unlocking levels seems only fair...
No reply from guild leader?
It may be possible that your guild leader(s) was (were) not online. However, if not replying after a day or two, and this happens frequently, I would change guild.

Each guild set their own rules. They should publish them in the guild profile and/or forum.
Plans to unlock or not next levels of GE may depend on Treasury level, needs to use the goods for GvG, and participation of guild members in general in GE. If just a few members do want to complete the next level the leaders may judge it is not reasonable to pay the whole guilds costs for only a few to play the level.

Finding a guild who wants to proper?
Ask other players in global chat, (or here, Manda the First suggested one).


I just looked it up ... you choose a lvl 63 guild with only 5 (five) golden guild championships! For myself this wouldn't be a sign that this guild was or is very interested in guild expediton at all. It's not mentioned at all in the guild description. It might be helpful to have a look at these positions by searching for a guild, if you want to play more GE. Free FPs from the town hall are not everything :)

Good luck!


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1st of all i will like to ask what kind of member are you then ?
Do u do other kinds of things in the guild that is been ask to be done that is set out by the rules?

What are the rules?
did u look it up on the guilds profile or ask in the guild official msg center?

I found that there is alot of players say thy like to do the next lvl's of GE. When thy been invited to a guild and say hi welcome blah di blah and then explain to them what is what thy ignore u.Then thy the ones who blame the leader or who ever of dictatorship ext. That explain why and how of GE of that guild inner workings. O boy then the gutter talk is out there. Juts because you as player ignore all other communications( chat / guild profile / guild forum / PM )
Or blindly auto join and go ahead and race on come to the end then huffing and puffing like a bad wolf try to blow the house down just because a leader or GE captain don't want to open next lv.
YOU join a guild that you want them to have all 4 lv's open every week. But not help to full up that GT or when the week is done YOU as player done ZIP or just 7 encounters. Really now u the one who demand this

Never mind the fact that that guild work hard to get the necessarily goods. Or there is other factors inplay that you don't know about.
but u quickly to judge

[QUOTE="Master Nielsen, post: 78838, member: 9788"]
What is it, I do not understand?

Did u done some research yourself ? yes i see you say u done this
But did u look future then that. Did u use the guild chat msg center and ask why cant it be open or open it for u
Did u look what is the ages of the players in yr guild?
Did u look if the GT ( guild treasury ) match the ages then?
Does the payers have the GT gb's ?
That what u donate was that then the necessarily goods to be use to open next lv?

How do I find a Guild who wants to prosper?
Now you think the game and guild is JUST about GE never mind the rest.

What about fp swap?
M/p according the rules been set out ?
Trade fair or not/ regular.?
Do ask for trades regular but not help out on trades of other guild mates?
Remove stone age decos if been ask or remove it when u done with quest?
Help build GBITM = new bg's?
Give tips on some points of the game?
Help out in GVG if ask to do so or if the guild is a GVG guild?

Does this not also help a guild to prosper?

IF you Done your homework and still don't get any answers when you ask, then yes that guild is either dead or nor for you. Leave

IF you did not consider other factors and still get no answer then yes just leave the guild. No need to throw the toys out the cot.

Find a guild that u can fit in but i suggest talk fist and do your research before you do say anything anything else.