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The Arc bonus


in short
if there would be an 0.1% increase at level 190 there won't be 10 times a 0.01% increase at all 10 levels


even if it doesn't show on the screen until the 10th level because of the way Inno displays information
so it is only the way of Inno display information that the other GB shows no increase in some level and then make a jump at other levels
and in reality all levels make a jump

so it is not really in the Temple: 34.25%, 34.25%, 34.25%, 34.25%, 34.50%
but each level increases a little bit and then percentages are in reality 34.25%, 34.32% 34.38%. 34.45%, 34.50%

nobody can really believe that :rolleyes:


and btw
Inno can display 2 digits after the dot
AO, Kraken, Seed Vault

and make increments on the last digit only


@Aanudis the Great obviously ranking points. Besides that as you said treasury goodies but beyond
that is the Arc not able to offer anything else beyond level 180. So, just massive amounts of additional
ranking points.
it is clear it still shows 100% on the info screen for each next level, but it could be otherwise in reality. The only real way to be confirmed is someone with level 180 above arc to check the amount returned from investments if it is exactly 100% or slightly more.. thats what i will ask few peeps with such arcs :)