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Not A Bug: Tavern icon not changing in town hall events


When I go into the town hall to ask/polish friends and neighbors, all tavern icons show the chair with a green arrow, indicating a tavern visit is possible. When I click on the icon, the tavern opens, I take a chair or a message tells me I am already there. When I close the tavern window, the icon still show the chair with the green arrow. The icon does not change to occupied when I click on it. The chair does not change to occupied after I close the tavern window.
Browser or operating system and version number
Recreation steps
Repeated attempts do not change the tavern icon from enter (chair with arrow) to occupied
The icon should change from available to occupied and this should occur without opening the tavern view
When using the town hall events to visit taverns
Can this be reproduced?
Yes, every time
Works as intended outside the town hall, from the friends, guildmates and neighbors tabs. ie the icon changes from available to occupied when clicked.