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Starting over


Is there any way i could start over? I didnt understand the concept of the game at the beginning, and i dont like how i built my city, and what i researched. Is there any way i could start over, besides deleting all the buildings? Also, any way to replace the townhall to a place that i like?


Not that anyone has yet found, the best way would be to unlock the land expansions and strategically move things around a bit at a time.

As for the research you will need to unlock everything over time .....with the exception of the things that require diamonds only (until diamonds become available which probably won't happen till the game starts for real)

It's probably best to salvage things as and when you can and to learn from your mistakes .....we're all doing that at the moment as well as helping with issues, bugs and other problems.

As for solutions take a look at the "social bar" and visit other players cities that often helps when expanding or developing your own city, especially where roads are concerned you'll find you don't need roads running all over the place but will need them to link certain (most) buildings. Again it's careful planning and slowly changing things to your desired plans.

As for moving the town hall it can be done by creating space or unlocking land expansions (research or by getting them as rewards for capturing provinces)

I shouldn't worry too much how you go for now I suspect everything will be reset when the game goes fully live just have fun and help find issues / bugs and have a little bit of fun.

I'm sure some of the other"previewers" will add helpful stuff to this thread and you'll find soon enough you'll have things how you want them

Good luck and welcome


thanks man. Still, my OCD kicks in and i need to arrange everything how i want it :)) i deleted almost everything, and i'll slowly build it back up i guess.


lol i'm dumb. i could have moved stuff around, instead i sold everything. damn.


Live and learn :) it's what we're all doing in the game. Main thing is just have fun with it Most of us have only been here a week or two so we're all still getting to grips with things ourselves.

Best advice I can give is take things slowly and try to find a balance between getting coin and goods, build some military units and expand slowly don't rush this isn't a fast paced game very much a strategic game check the research paths as you go and don't feel you need to build each building as it becomes available and that includes military ones you'll find you can probably (at least in the preview) skip the horseman and catapult barracks entirely (obviously you should unlock then in research, but may not feel the need to use them). On the other hand I would suggest definitely building the spear men and slinger barracks (but that is personal taste). Take a read through the forum at your leisure you'll find some issues you'll come across and some helpful hints.

One last thing look at the research trees and see that you'll eventually need some products to unlock the research as you advance, might be worth building one or two products buildings when you can and remember if you don't have access to the resource (from your expanding empire) you can still produce products at a much lower rate 1 product = 4 hours and so on.

Mianly have fun and enjoy.
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This is the exclusive preview phase :) Why would you want to start over , just learn as much as you can and when the game starts for real you can build up your perfect city .


i just wanted to redo everything, techs and stuff, and re-arrange my city.


Just make it so that right now you can gather tons of resources while researching what you really want. Then when when you have researched them you can start building and gathering goods with all the money and resources that you have ;)

Zarek Bean

dude i have the same OCD when it comes to rearranging my city! except i dont delete everything, i just do the shuffle. I pretend i am playing that 16 squares puzzle, with 1 square missing, then you have to put the puzzle back by sliding the pieces around ONLY having that one space free?


i've made a lot of shuffles to ensure that i can make the most of my space. what i have found is that it can be worth selling off some things to gain a larger benefit from others. i find that most useful with the decorations and such


Hehe, just watch what you sell. I made a few rather costly selling errors by not paying attention to what I clicked.


well i sold off my stables since that unit is useless in battle. allowed me to put a stone circle in it's place and now i don't need to worry about happiness for a bit.

yes, i'm still in the Bronze Age, but i only started the other day :p


An inventory system were you can store building so you have room will be implemented later on. Please be patient until then. Thank you :)