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Feedback St Patrick's Day Event 2021


Event too slow for my tastes. Gonna just do the quests and not worry about getting the full upgrade (probably sell off in the AD).


Hello, This is more a suggestion in regards to the events Quests. Today i just got quest 40 but have no way of completing this as the tasks are not possible, I had just recently "levelled up" to next age and don't have many of that ages resources. As you know when just entering a new age any army one "fights" are including units from that age making it hard to win. Advise would be to have a new "cross over" point for fighting unit to match what is presently unlocked so players will have a chance to complete the quest.
quest i got now isn't possible within the game timeframe. no matter what fighting units i have i don't have a chance to defeat the large arm, and finish that guild quest will take days for above mentioned reason.

View attachment 6525
but you know the first GE level is only previous era units as opponents ?


people complaining about this event ( a very easy one!) you should be complaining in the disussion section about the summer event! a lot of years with the same thing and it sucks! it sucks! compete against other players to get the best prizes!


If you work what you do in each city and move on to the next one leaving the impossible quests I found I managed a level 10 on the last day without spending diamonds. Only open the free chests.


There does appear to be one BIG difference from last year that could cause a problem.

Last year the chests between towns would reset but the counter for opened chests only went back once you had opened 6 chests in total and gave you an additional reward.

This year the opened chests record always starts at 0, even if you only open the free chest between towns.

The reason this is a problem is that the Prize for opening 6 chests is the Druid Temple Selection Kit, this appears to be the only way to get an additional Level 1 Druid Temple, as every third Grand Prize has been a Druid Temple Upgrade Kit.


I just got the druid temple on level 10 with upgrades only leaving the selection kit from the football-event untouched.
And I didn't use any diamonds proving it is possible to accomplish that without them. I did get quite many pots from incidents, though.
I guess without that the last rounds of 75 tasks wouldn't have been possible since the guaranteed number of pots only suffices
if there is the extra selection kit.


I did all the quests but wind up one short from a complete upgrade. It's too slow and tedious. I will try on live but it will require one to be on the mobile or computer all day.


This was a very tedious event. The game-in-game takes way too much time. When the event suddenly ended I hadn't even spent all the gold yet. Somehow it appears very unbalanced to me.