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Spoiler St. Patricks Day 2021

I think they will put the minigame back in, some players complain that the game is getting more and more intense.
I can confirm this:
- With the Aztecs you have to produce the cocoa in as short distances as possible.
- In such a mini game you have to go back in again and again.
- The GG is also a part that takes a lot of time.

But nobody forces us to play it, but it is fun to play.
If we dont have any spoilers about the mecanics of the event, it means that it will be the same as the last year. If it would change something, we will know it. Just remember the last events... in halloween, we knowed the new scenario, the new features, because all was new. In winter event, we knowed the houses and the calendar because it was new. With forge bowl, we only knowed the building, because it has been the only new in the event. So, if we dont have any spoilers about it, the event will be the same as the last year, with the only change in the event building.


No no, and no, EVERYTHING needs to be changed for this abortion of an event, it has zero redeeming features, from the oversized garbage event building that I have not seen in anyone's city to being forced to use the even tokens for quests, oh yeah to the fun of opening the chests to get a mass self-aid or defence boost, or my favourite, not playing the mini-game for the last week of the event on live servers because on beta I had several thousand tokens that I COULT NOT USE because the garbage event forced you to complete enough quests before you could spend any tokens because there were NO dailies.


I hated this event too. It definitely needs some significant changes... But that doesn't necessarily have to mean much in the line of new assets that we'd see before the event is spoiled. You could still have the city idle-game as the core with pots of gold and shamrocks and all that stuff.

The biggest one is there needs to be some sort of "pick what you want" aspect to it all... i.e. if there's not daily specials, there needs to be an equivalent to it. There was not a lot of opportunity to make choices of what you want last time; just clearing a run through of the city meant a significant amount of currency... nevermind doing many run-throughs trying to *target* something.

The other thing is the relationship between work invested, diamonds spent, and rewards obtained.

Merely putting more work in did not result in better outcomes. Or even particularly different outcomes. You could run the city 10 times and you'll finish a set and get some random crap you didn't have much say in. Or you could run the city 4 times and you'll finish a set and get some random crap you didn't have much say in. The free strategies essentially amounted to an illusion of choice for no difference in result; just opportunities to make mistakes and *not* get the full set.

If you wanted to put diamonds in then you also had to put more work in though if you wanted those diamonds to be used efficiently... Which is the exact opposite relationship people want from their diamonds usually. i.e. a 4-run strategy could not use diamonds well because it was already buying the "cheap set" at the end of each run. So you had to add more runs if you want more "cheap sets".

Technically this is the case to a lesser degree in other events too where you have to spend more time in the minigame to use up your diamonds... But st patricks involved time spent on the minigame translating into real world waiting time as well... If you for instance take hallowe'en and dumped 40k diamonds into it for more stuff - all the work is done on the day when the special you want is there - it might take you a couple hours but it's a pretty rewarding couple of hours and then the rest of the event you just play as normal. With the st patricks event if you decided you wanted 10 or 20 runs of stuff and put in the diamonds to get it you have to work harder for the full 3 weeks pretty much to get the value out.

The concept of the event from a diamond-perspective was "pay to work much harder to get what you paid for".
Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Papa Noel, (other names)... has a list that is checkd twice, and another list for the naughty ones. My lists are shorter:
  • List of events to play
    • several events
  • List of events to skip
    • St. Patricks Day is at this one.
I check event spoilers and the feedback in beta as they come available,
  1. General positive feedback may bring out the current year event from the "Naughty" skip list. Example:
    • 2020 St Patricks Event was at Naughty List, and stays at the list.
    • 2021 St. Patricks Event is written at the good list due to spoilers raising interest and/or positive feedback at beta.
  2. Disappointing experience at live server may put an event back (or for the first time) to the "Naughty" skip list.
    • 2021 St. Patricks Event is moved to the "Naughty" skip list due to bad experience at live server.
Remember, the list is checked twice.

One event giving as a reward an Mystery chest to be used during next year event?
  • Like additional event currency to be used at next years event, like the "stars" to open presents in the current2020 Winter event valid only ti use at 2021 Winter event? Mystery Chest cant be opened until the start of the 2021 Winter event?
  • So, suffer the disappointing experience through an event that you decided that was not worth the effort to finish, for the hope to win a mystery chest that would aid the next year event be more likeable, rewarding and/or easier?
  • But if not playing the event with full effort, ending in the rookie or amateur league... would the player win the mystery chest?
Don't like to be forced to play or do something I find disappointing. Not feeling fun in that.

Will the size/quality of the Mystery chests vary by event league? Each league will grant its own Mystery Chest? Then by just completing one (1) event quest (spend x coins) puts the player in the lowest league, and then is a winner of the smallest Mystery Chest?
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Like additional event currency to be used at next years event, like the "stars" to open presents in the current2020 Winter event valid only ti use at 2021 Winter event? Mystery Chest cant be opened until the start of the 2021 Winter event?
The box is set to open the day Paddy's 2021 starts. Its description reads, "This special event reward will be unlocked when the countdown reaches 0." As of this timestamp, that is 26 days, 6 hours, 53 minutes, 45 seconds


Please Innogames, this year take the correct letters of the quantities used :
Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera et Peta !
I missed it last year as my main live world only started mid Archaeology and my beta much later, around the beginning of Halloween, but I did hear something about an "aa" as a suffix? I agree with you @DEADP00L .