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Spot the Difference

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Greetings Beta!

There are 5 differences between the images below. Either describe the differences or upload your image below before 9pm server time on 19th July.

2 lucky winners selected at random from the correct responses can win any 10 recruitable* units from their Era. Happy hunting!


NB: *recruitable excludes barbarians, barbarian slingers and mounted braves and brave warriors. No era units are also excluded.

Congratulations to rbc50 andEmm55! Answers below although some of you also noticed some unintended distortions. These were also accepted.
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A circular ball is missing from a hand rail, bottom center.
Left roof have different amount of spires.
Middle of buildings, one blind is shorter than other.
Left middle their is a tiny boat missing between the two larger ship sails.
one of the white cap waves is missing the middle of the area.


Villa roof: two chimneys (in second image) vs 1 (in first) on left side
Villa front: center store twice as long in the second image
Lower staircases to villa: Ball decoration missing in the second image
Missing foam on waves near rocks at the shore near the villa, on the second image
Additional ship on the right, at mid-height of the second image

There is a sixth difference which might have been unintentional.
Slight difference in the positioning of two higher ground buildings in the middle of the town (the one with a small dome and one two houses to the right of it): they have been moved slighlty upwards in the second image, and the roof is a little different in the second I mentioned.


Warum nur 5 Änderungen? Ich finde 7 Änderungen! Die beiden Schornsteine auf dem Dach waren als einer zu sehen. Aber dann sind es noch 6. Siehe Bild.



Why only 5 changes? I find 7 changes! The two chimneys on the roof could be seen as one. But then there are still 6. See picture.


I actually found 6 changes. Although the pink border was a mistake.
The building complex comes a little higher in the first picturequizz.png


In addition to these, when looking at the images in a browser (at least as of 7 AM EST US), the two uppermost villas to the right are not in exactly the same position. It isn't really noticeable in the image, but when you have them both expanded to full in the browser and flip back and forth, they move. ;)



1. The left bulb on the middle front of the picture is missing. (lower pic.)
2. Blindfold in the middle section of the terrace has two parts in the lower pic. while on the upper pic has one part.
3. On the left side of the mountain the rooftop on a house seems to be part of the main villa, it's "leaning" on a chimney of the villa on the upper pic. and on the lower pic. it's separated from it.
4. On the upper pic. there is one chimney on the roof of the villa, on the lower, there are two.
5.On the right side of the lower pic. there is a boat/ship that is not exist on the upper pic.


Clouds above flag darker in 1st pic
Second pic has an extra ship in the background all the way on the right
The middle shade on the building in the 2nd pic is longer than in the first


differences : -1 boat (from the right)
-left ball from the downstairs
-1 chimney(from the left)
-1 roller shutters (from middle)
-1 roof of chimney(from left side)
Not open for further replies.