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Spot the Difference

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Greetings Beta!

Spot the 5 differences between the images below and paste your answers below (your answers will stay hidden until the end of the contest)

The contest will close at server time 9 pm on 1st December 2019.

One lucky winner will receive 5 x Large Forge Point Packages. This winner will be randomly chosen from the correct responses.

Happy searching and Good luck! (You may need to click on the images to view depending on your browser)


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Additional Smoke/Steam above the train
Top of the Tree completely obscured/missing
Clock face missing/obscured
Light on top-floor right side out
Train serial plate changed from 0 to D at the end


Additional Smoke/Steam above the train
Top of the Tree completely obscured/missing
Clock face missing/obscured
Light on top-floor right side out
Train serial plate changed from 0 to D at the end


Number on the train ends in D vs 0, No hands on the one clock, Top branches of tree are missing between the building and the smoke, No light on in small round window, the 5th one seems to elude me at present


The tree left from the clock
and in this case, a part of the mountain (?) is missing.
clock hands are missing
number of the locomotove
the light in the roof window


1. Piece of rooftop left of the smoke.
2. Branches between enginepipe and stationbuilding.
3. Clockhands.
4. Unlit window in the attic on the rightside of the stationbuilding.
5. The enginetrainnumber (the last zero is swapped in a "D".


- Clock hands missing
- light in the roof window is off
- DOI20D instead of DOI200
- mountain and tree (top left corner) removed or vanishing in smoke/fog
- top right corner of the image shifted to the top left by a few pixels (that was underhanded...)
- Ladys hat is slightly discolored (also very tricky to spot)
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1. No handles on the clockface
2. Train numbers last digit changed from 0 to D.
3. Light in the attick window is switched off
4. Top of the tree and mountain edge smudged off/obscured by smoke
5. Lady's had is less red aroundthe ribbon.


Clock has no hands (minute & hour hands are missing).
Light in window is off on the right.
Number on train is different.
Tree is missing on left side of house.


Alice smile answer attached file
The file was too large to upload, so I had to crop the image

foe spot the difference Alice smile - cropped.png


1. Hands on the clock
2. D0I200 versus D0I20D above nose of engine
3. light on or off in 3rd level window
4. smoke hiding branches and roof to left of clock (see-through white square pasted there)
5. fifth difference not identified unless obscured branches and obscured roof listed in (4) count as two differences


I'm pleased to announce that the winner of this contest is @BigBez. Congratulations! Your rewards have already been credited to your account :)

Thanks for participating everybody and stay tuned for the next contest!
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