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Implemented space age.


of course such a thing would be hard as you would have to figure out how to do a space age, you would also have to figure out what to do with a space age but my idea is to have a really expensive building (space elevator?) that allows you to make a second city on the moon or in space; the GvG would be either guild fighting to take over the moon, asteroids (ie near earth asteroids), or a different planet. there could be a interesting dual empires situation where you and an AI empire might fight for the moon and the GvG situation is in the NEA. if you have the base on the moon thing people wanting to plunder another persons city might have to choose between the moon base and planet base, if they can go into space then they could attack in space but if they dont they can only attack on ground.

you could just have a second city in space or you could have a war for asteroids or the moonor a different planet, you could have two empires and maybe you could have two players trying to take control of a planet.

but when it comes to space, if you do space, build it up slowly.

if i were on the team earlier on i would have added a second city on the colonial and arctic ages, on the colonial age i would have made the players compete with AI or possibly player enemies on the continent map and on the Arctic future i would have made an arctic GvG map as well. thats just what i would have done.


i suggested something bit difrent
FOE is based on reality so why not make stuff u can place on orbit or moon?
why Mars mission cant start now instead of 2020?