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Some statistics regarding military buildings and their units


Updated with the recent changes and filled in some missing data.

Main Industrial Age statistic changes:
- Jaeger turned into a ranged unit (still light melee per definition).
- Howitzer range was increased.
- Fighting Bonuses and Terrain Bonuses were increased.


Updated to reflect game version 0.30, mainly regarding building point changes.


Are you certain about the Howitzer defense bonus on grassland?


I thought I saw that somewhere too. But I always remember seeing +29 defense (at least nowadays) whenever I vs them (I like jaegers, so it's +15 (for unit bonus) and +14 (grassland) = 29)


Can someone upload screens with Pe units (statistics)? :)


Nice! Thx mate :)
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UnitTypeADRMAtt. BonusDef. Bonus
ConscriptLight4048916In Entrenchments: 10
vs. Artillery: 25
In Trenches: 25
In Entrenchments: 10
vs. Artillery: 25
Armoured CarFast4550926vs. Ranged: 25On Plains: 15
vs. Ranged: 25
Rapid Fire CannonArtillery23121510On Hills: 12
vs. Fast: 25
vs. Heavy: 25
vs. Fast: 25
vs. Heavy: 25
Dug In: 25
TankHeavy3060914vs. Ranged: 50
vs. Fast: 50
vs. Ranged: 50
vs. Fast: 50
SniperRanged30301218vs. Light: 50In Bushes: 20
In Forest: 40
vs. Light: 50
Dug In: 40


Updated the tables with Progressive Era data.
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