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Some statistics regarding military buildings and their units


Also, there is really not much point in giving a ton of details when they are constantly updating/backtracking on things they do. Once the balance of the game is set in stone, guides, and things like that will make much more sense. Yes, I am sure it is pretty easy to just give out information, but it would be on an update by update basis, and that is just extra work thrown on the developers when they could be spending that time on fixing problems. When the game is in full release, I am sure things will be added to help explain what makes the game work, and how.

Thanks for playing Forge of Empires.


Nevertheless, I thought it was time for an update of my old 0.90 table ;-)


Yes, great work Hans, your guides are always well thought out, and very useful.


Grenadiers have best defence against most long range units. i have tried to see how many units of grenadiers it takes to destroy opposing units, i have it down to two grenadiers , against - 2 soldiers to 8 soldiers and the 1 grenadier is fatal for opposing units which have soldiers alone , most of the mixed range bow , give damage to grenadiers, 1-3 damage , mixing long range guns with 2 greadiers can cause the best attack ive seen or imagined, ive mixed up battles as best as i can , i only have 1 other colonial age member to attack ,so far .. but his troops are innefective against 8 grenadiers , even if he has a mixture of Feild cannons and archers and heavy troops ,or any mixture, as far as i can see , 8 grenadiers are maximum strenght defence.


Grenadiers have best defence against most long range units. .....
uhm...... no. both short and long range units receive an attack bonus against heavy melee - thus the way to go against grenadiers is using musketeers and/or field guns.



Updated "Miscellaneous" with Leonardo's New Years Special Offer.


The numbers of the Leonardo event have changed a bit since it's introduction on .zz:

Blueprints fom Leonardo Event:
(New Year's Special Offer 2012)

1st: 20 Medals
2nd: 40 Medals
3rd: 80 Medals
4th: 150 Medals
5th: 250 Medals
6th: 400 Medals (2 blueprints)
7th: 400 Medals (2 blueprints)
8th: 400 Medals (2 blueprints)
9th: 400 Medals (2 blueprints)
10th: 400 Medals (2 blueprints)


Updated to version 0.27
...... and please don't ask me what "Blast" is, does or how it works - I have yet to find out :p


I forgot to edit the battlepoints which were changed with game version 0.26. This is fixed now. For further details about those changes, please check the 0.26 changelog in the Announcements.


No, not a bug. It's a ranged unit with stealth, quite powerful if used correctly.


yes and thats the problem.
You have Rifleman with movement 12 and Range 8 (20) and Jaeger with movement 16 and 6 Range (22). No Defence will work and you have no chances. Howitzer is really bad and noone need it (died before he can do anything). Lancer are great but you have no chances against Jaeger and Rifleman anymore.


You have Rifleman with movement 12 and Range 8 (20) and Jaeger with movement 16 and 6 Range (22).
Movement 12 doesn't mean he can cross 12 fields. The best ever possible is 6, going down to 3 in swamps. So both can close an 11 to 14 fields distance gap.
No Defence will work and you have no chances.
Put your jaeger in a forest. This forces melee fights. A rifleman cannot retaliate and can't attack from the distance either, a jaeger can do both.


you dont understand this or?

if you move 2 filds first each rifleman can attack you. The same after this update with the jaeger. For what you use a defence? The first hit is all the time for the attacker. Before this update you have good chances thats your Lancer get the first hit against the jaeger... after this... nothing...


How could or bad this unit is depends on other 4 units and what they are like. It seems like values have been changed since the OP did its last edit. It does look like The ultimate defensive unit though, no way to kill it clean as defense too high for LR, yet so high range u can't run around it with SR clean And obv u don't wanna go against LM with fast units lol. So only way is taking 8 SR and handful of losses every fight.
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