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Some statistics regarding military buildings and their units


Disclaimer: Please note that since the game is a constant "work in progress", the numbers may change over time. The Stats reflect game version 1.11 from October 2013. Please don't nail me if you relied on my numbers and got it wrong ;-)

Military Statistics:

For a larger version of the above table, please use THIS LINK.

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How did you find out the attack bonus to which troops? By experience?
(just the curiosity)


When in attack mode and you hover the mouse over the units in queue, you get a unit information window which shows you against what type of troops the selected unit receives an attack bonus. To find out which troops have which properties, in the "Manage your Army" window you can select which troops are shown (fast, melee, etc). Puzzle it all together and you get the above list ;-)

Unit properties listed in HMA and LMA are just guesses by myself, but I believe I'm correct because there's an easy to follow pattern in the troops distribution over the ages.
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Thats explained below the spreadsheet where the *-symbols are.



and against ballista what fights well ? i have to kill 6ballistas, and aleready i lost all of my army 2times.


and against ballista what fights well ? i have to kill 6ballistas, and aleready i lost all of my army 2times.
Something whit good defence, to get close to them put ur soldier behind each other so they can only kill 1 each round.then ur able to get to them and kill them all :)

If u dont understand look at the vid:



As you can see in the spreadsheet, nothing has an attackbonus vs ballistas (or all other longranged siege-units like stone-throwers), but you have 2 options, to kill them:

- Use cavalry, as they can fly across the map in 2 turns and one, they are there, they can hit the ballistas very hard, as they dont have high Stats like defense
- Use units with high defense, so most commonly heavy melee

Which plan you follow the best depends on the other 2 units, if they are spearunits, maybe the cavaly-option will cause you more losses and if they are archers, then you would better not use the heavy melees, because short-ranged units have attackbonusses vs them as well.

Hope it helped



but when u have to defeat 8 ballistas they kill all of your army in 2rounds because they have a very big range :|


Then maybe you use the cavalry-tactic, because you canb get there really fast.
And if then your army is crushed in 2 rounds, you maybe need to get to the iron age and build units from there ....



There you go guys, SpeedyD has given me these wonderful comparisons. :)


And here's the latest I've made up :)

Siege weapons will take a few days I think!



Thanks for the shots, guys.
I will update the stats this weekend, not much time currently.


Here's the siege weapon stats for catapult and trebuchet, love the in battle "action" of the trebuchet :)



how about berserkers?
are they worth to be built?
They are currently under powered....it's a known issue by the devs and we're all waiting on the fix for them. Some players have built them and some haven't ultimately the choice is yours, currently though I believe the mercenary spearmen are more powerful than the current build of beserkers.


Why is this kind of info not made by the developers? With every new update something changed and how hard is it for them? Its just a shame that such info isnt there for the players. Seems to me the company isnt realy intrested in the players, only in there money and dont want to do much for it.


Would it be fun to explore the game if the developers spelled out every bit for you? I don't think it would, to be honest. Exploring the game, discovering and exchanging tactics with other players is what makes the game fun - at least, that's what it does for me. :)