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Some Statistics and a small FAQ regarding Great Buildings


Updated the goods requirements for the Great Buildings of the Industrial Age.
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They add up, so with the Lighthouse + Royal Albert Hall you can boost your supply collection 115 times daily. If you choose the 24h production cycle, you'll indeed need 115 supply buildings to take full advantage of this. Using the 8h cycle or lower makes it a different story though.
I asked the question improperly.

Say you have 70 supply buildingd.
Say you have both alexandria and albert bot maxed out on levels
say they are set on 8 hour cycle.
do the first 40 get 230% + 145% (375%) boost?


yes they do, and the remaining 35 collections get the albert hall bonus.


with the industrial age update can you do anything with the BPs of the already built GBs?


Updated the contribution rewards table to include most of the Industrial Age data - just a few more missing, please post those once you have them.
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