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Implemented show population +/- of building in mouse-over context menu

Do you support this idea?

  • Yes

    Votes: 11 84.6%
  • No

    Votes: 2 15.4%

  • Total voters

the shrike

Described quite adequately in the fields below, but when reorganizing my city or making decisions about whether to drop an event building, it is inconvenient to determine the population impact of removing existing buildings.
There is not a good way to determine the population effect (+/-) of a given building. For buildings that can be built from the menu, the same building has to be found in construction mode, and consulted there for population. For event buildings you have to leave the game and consult a wiki for the given level of the building to even know if it provides/consumes population never mind how much.

This is a critical attribute of the building, and should be available from the building context menu, to make better decisions (for example about whether to sell/store it).
Mouse over the building and (similar to how happiness is displayed) there is an icon for people with a number beside it showing how many population that building contributes or consumes.
The only negative i can think of is it will consume another line of space in the building info context page. This should not provide any relative advantage to one player versus another as it is primarily a city organization aid.
Abuse Prevention
This is not secret information. I can't think how making it more readily available would open exploits or make it possible to cheat. If anything it would be a disincentive to use 3rd party tools, etc. that try to make things like this more convenient.
I think this would make the game more enjoyable. Seems like a simple change to display information that is already being used by the game for calculations.

What do you think?
* Yes, i feel like this would be a positive addition to the game.
* No, i don't need to know it that often and can find it in the wiki, etc.
* No, i keep the population of all my buildings in my head at all times and don't need any reference.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
I read the DSNL and did a search of the forum. The closest thing i saw was a suggestion to deep link to the wiki for the building and that mentioned population levels.


I would love it if population addition / subtraction info were displayed in the same way happiness is. Even if only for event buildings it would be a useful bit of info to have