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Do Not Suggest SAV GB idea. Not Dnsl, just a quick suggestion.

Do you like the idea? It's only a concept for a gb, not technically a full gb.

  • yes

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • no

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • yes with changes, please comment them below.

    Votes: 1 33.3%

  • Total voters

Fire Lord

Most of the goods for space-age: venus are food-related,
Glowing SeaweedHerbal SnackMicrogreen SupplementSoy ProteinsSugar Crystals

so I had an idea for a space farm gb. I have no clue what it would produce, and I don't want to come up with an idea so it's not dnsl.

It was a simple idea that hit me tonight, and I thought, hey this would be super cool to see implemented. I got the idea from reading about the biosphere 2 the other day. Maybe we could call it the biosphere 3.

Works like a gb? I feel like that's a trick question lol. :p

Visual Aids:
warning, I only got a good grade in art because my teachers couldn't look at my artwork for more than 10 seconds.
SAV bad drawing.png

balancing will be done by devs.

Abuse Prevention:
Yes. years from now, people will use my artwork to torture prisoners. In 2051 it will be banned as it's considered cruel and unusual punishment.


I know I can't help my sarcasm, but I hope you all look at my proposal with open eyes. I really think it'll be a cool gb. I'm not creating any loopholes to make the game easier or asking for crazy ideas, I just want to give foe a proposal that they actually sit down and consider. After years of crazy proposals, I think this one might actually be a good one, and I hope you agree.
Ps: if it does get accepted, can you put a little proposed by cat111 like you did for the CF? That would be the most awesome thing ever, and I'd seriously appreciate it. :)
Stay safe everyone and happy (late) holidays!
It was a simple idea that hit me tonight, and I thought, hey this would be super cool to see implemented. I got the idea from reading about the biosphere 2 the other day. Maybe we could call it the biosphere 3.
details will be decided by devs. I'm already pushing the dnsl as it is.
I have nothing to balance, it's just a concept.
Abuse Prevention
an idea for a SAV idea based on current designs. Nothing more.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
yes. Biosphere 3 was requested years ago, but I'm not asking for the rewards of biosphere 3, I'm just making a concept for a new gb.

Fire Lord

The gb would be on earth, it would be like the virgo, SG, SC, where it is space themed but not in space.
I will edit this as more people have questions and concerns so they can be read easily.
Where is the idea?
OK, a space farm GB, but not a DNSL violation? Will it produce same era goods shown in the first spoiler image?
How many goods at level 1? at level 10?
Size? 6x6? 7x5?
Costs to build: Goods? FPs to complete level 0?
Any passive reward?


only one simple question to the venus GB
do you really think Inno don't know yet what GB the SAV will have ?
What in the hellions am I looking at

I'm more concerned with the boosts. I'll take...whatever that is...if the boosts are good. Same age or previous age goods perhaps. I'd like a new interesting mechanic though.


Community Manager
While we appreciate new ideas, and you are free to discuss these in the discussion forum or the 'fantasy gb whishlist' thread, any new items, buildings or great buildings are on our dns list.