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Remove defaulting to "Store Building Temporarily" selection in Reconstruction mode

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Remove defaulting to "Store Building Temporarily" selection in Reconstruction mode.
QOL enhancement.
On launching reconstruction mode, by default "Store Building Temporarily" tool is selected. When working on a draft city, players have to remember to click cancel every single time they enter RC mode, otherwise they risk items to be stored when navigating thru the city. This is especially panful when a road gets stored and you cant see from where it got removed.
No impact
Abuse Prevention
No impact
Just don't automatically select "Store Building Temporarily" tool on launching RC mode.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?


Which would be then the defaulting selection if not the "Store Building Temporarily"?
It could be none or move. E.g. In the main game when you click on Build icon nothing gets selected by default... imagine although extreme case if sell was selected by default.