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New Idea Remove attack button for players that have not researched Military Tactics.


Reduces need to click on attack button for players that cannot be attacked.
Reduces need to click on attack button for players that cannot be attacked.
Reduces clicking
No impact
Abuse Prevention
No exploits
Reduces clicking
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
Only Neighbors can be attacked, only them display the attack button.
  • If guildmates or friends are in the same neighborhood the attack button is grayed, not active. The active button is for motivate/polish. No need to be removed.
  • If the attack have to wait until the count down is completed then the attack button is grated and the time until next possible attack is displayed under the swords symbol. The attack button must remain.
  • If the neighbor has a Galata Tower, the attack attempt can be made, and may or may not be repelled by the Galata Tower. The attack button should remain as normal not revealing if the Galata tower can or not repel the attack or not.
  • If the neighbor has an active Defense Shield from the Tavern it is the only option when I would agree to have the attack button grayed, not active, but with a sign or message to inform the player that the Shield is active and time remaining for this protection.
EDIT: Did not noticed that this is intended for "players that have not researched Military Tactics". This important detail should be in the Details section of the idea, not just at the Idea Title.
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