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Fixed on Beta: Reconstruction Mode Not Freeing Up Sectors


I am finding that the reconstruction mode doesn't allow me to place building on all of my city squares. When I try, it shows red even though there is nothing occupying the sectors. It seems to continue to think that a building is in a sector after I have either moved or removed it. In fact when I use the remove tool on one of these empty slots, the building that used to be there returns to the inventory from its NEW position.
Browser or operating system and version number
1.209.80230f74323 (07.07.2021 20:07), jwhester (144738), zz1, en_US, Windows 10, Chrome/91.0.4472.124, 1366x633, OpenGL Vendor=WebKit Version=WebGL 2.0 (OpenGL ES 3.0 Chromium) Renderer=WebKit WebGL GLSL=WebGL GLSL ES 3.00 (OpenGL ES GLSL ES 3.0 Chromium) (512 MB VRAM)
Recreation steps
Begin a reconstruction. Place some buildings. Remove those buildings and try to place something else in that position. [The problem is that I don't know what triggers this to happen, so it probably won't recreate if you follow these steps in quick succession. My sense is that some time has to pass with the building in its position for it to lock that position.
Today is the first time I have seen this problem
Can this be reproduced?
It happens every time for me when I try to place a building. I have refreshed and logged out, and it persists
I have not cleared cache (because I"m not sure how) but I have tried it one both chrome and Edge.