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Question - Friend Request limit


Hi All,
Can someone please explain to me why there is a difference in the number of friends I can have (100) vs the number of Friend Requests (80) I have? I totally understand the 100 limit - that makes total sense. But if I can have 100 friends why can I not also have 100 Friend requests?
For example I have 98 current friends and I want to add one more. But in order to do this I have to delete 19 current friends to bring the total down to under 80. This may not matter at the lower ages but at the higher ages it is annoying and cumbersome. Set a limit is fine but why the difference?


It ensures new players can have friends with long-time players. If not old players would often prefer others of same age or old friends. As it is now it helps mix up the friends list.


The system works like this:
  • You can have up to 140 friends maximum. (total corrected)
  • You can send friend requests up to the point of having 80 friends.
  • After the 80 friends limit you can not send more friend requests, only keep accepting requests from others, until you reach 140 maximum.
  • To send friend requests again you have to delete friends until you reach less than 80 friends again.
  • The 80 friends limit does not take in consideration if those players where invited by you, or you invited them.
I think the intention to limit the availability to send invitations (at 80) was to allow lower age players to get opportunity to send friend invitations to players at higher eras who may have already the 80 friends but may have not reached 140.
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How, since friend requests can be denied? The number of friend requests has notging to do with who you accept as a friend.

Once the total friends reach the 80 limit, friends requests are not longer available, no matter the number of friend requests sent or accepted.
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In first place was intended to mitigate abuses on social actions... If you keep your best friends under the threshold (80) you have to do every day a lot of job to reach the same or better aid/tavern advantages than who has 140 friends...

However nowadays once you have arc at a good level, tavern silver going out from every hole, better you stay under the threshold and farm points on "casual friends" ( not really casual, they are loyal customers, but now you can gain every day FPS from an unlimited number of players with this approach - and you still can have aid actions, the only limit is on tavern)

BTW Would be more fair to have a weekly limit on number of changes and no limits on requests...
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  • You send 20 friend requests, they are all accepted, you got 20 friends.
  • Others send you 60 friend requests, you accepted all of them, you got now 80 friends.
  • Since you got now 80 friends you can not send any more friend requests (unless you start deleting friends to reach below 80).
  • Since you got 80 friends, you can still accept new requests sent to you, up to 140. (total corrected).
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Thanks Darth and Redred - I really appreciate the clear explanations - I still think this system needs a rework but that is above my pay grade lol
thanks again


Just to clarify.
You can have a total of 140 friends, not 100 or 180, it's 140.
As to the invite limit it really has nothing to do with how many players you invited. Once you reach 80 friends, whether you invited them or they invited you, you can no longer send invites, only accept them.