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Feature PVP Arena



Hello Kings & Queens,

We are bringing you an improvement that our developers have been working on for quite some time: The PvP Arena!

The PvP Arena is a new feature that will replace the current PvP Tower Tournament. The reason for this change is because we want to provide a more meaningful and competitive experience for our PvP players. To achieve this goal, our team created a brand new, off-grid accessible building, and a new window with exclusive information about this new PvP functionality. Besides that, the PvP Arena also features rewards, its own battle logs for previous confronts, and a dedicated ranking window. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy the new PvP Arena.

The PvP Arena will be activated on July 13th, 2020 . This will also result in the deactivation of PvP Tower Tournament.​

Upon researching the 'mercenaries' technology in the tech tree (available in Early Middle Ages), you will be redirected to our PvP Arena onboard's info screen, which will present basic information about the new feature. When you close it, you will be able to access the PvP Arena through the entry-point in our new off-grid building.


When accessing the new window, you will come across three tabs: Battle, Ranking, and Log. In the "Battle" tab, you can see a list of opponents, subdivided into four columns:
  1. The first column (Level) represents the level of difficulty of your opponents, ranging from 1 to 3 stars. Green flags (
    ) with one star represent easy battles, while blue ones (
    ) with two stars would be of a medium level, and finally, the red ones (
    ) with three stars are the most challenging opponents.
  2. The second column (Opponent) shows your possible targets, presenting information such as their current eras, as well as attack and defense bonuses for their defending units.
  3. The third column (Points) will show how many ranking points you will receive upon beating this opponent. Remember that the more difficult the challenge, the higher is the amount of Combat Points (
    ) at stake. In other words, you gain CP and may potentially rank up when winning, or you can also lose CP and rank down. That said, make sure to choose your opponents wisely.
  4. Finally, the last column (Attack) offers you three buttons to battle any chosen opponent. Battling them will consume your attempts (
    ), which appear at the top of your screen. Altogether you have 5 attempts, and after each battle, it's necessary to wait 4 hours until an additional attempt is renewed. Nevertheless, by clicking in the + button, it is possible to purchase additional attempts with premium currency, with a maximum limit of 10 purchases per day.

In case the game cannot find an opponent of your level, we will provide you with lower level opponents or even NPCs for you to battle.

Attacking vs Defending

Attacking is an active action while defending is a passive one. Attempts and Units are not lost while defending, but you can still gain or lose Combat Points (CP) as a defender, and If you end up a Weekly Arena with less CP then when you have entered, your CP will be reset to the entry amount when the league is over. Please be aware that attacking someone will automatically shuffle your list of available opponents, no matter if the battle was won or lost.
Besides that, there's no manual battle mode, which means that both attacking and defending actions are fought through auto-battles, with the units you select for attacking and defending. The PvP Arena will also enable your Great Buildings passive skills (Advanced Tactics, Fierce Resistance, Military Boost, and Spoils of War), but not the active ones (Critical Hit, First Strike and Missile Launch).


The ranking is defined by the amount of Combat Points (CP) compared to the other players. Upon opening the ranking tab, it will display the ranking for the weekly PvP Arena in progress. This way, you can keep track of both your progress and your opponents' progress.


Last but not least, the "Log" tab will show your results from the last battles (attack and defense), as well as the time the event happened and how many points you earned or lost. With this info, you can have better strategic control over which opponents are worth fighting or simply avoiding, but remember that these logs are reset together with the Weekly Arena every Monday!


Finally, you have some important information at the right corner of the screen: Your ranking points, followed by your attack and defense boosts, both for your attacking and defending units. Then, you have two buttons at the bottom: The first one ( Your Army ) allows you to assign your attacking units and attach your defending ones (


The second button ( Weekly Reward ) will show your position in the current ranking and the rewards (
) you can obtain based on your position. Please keep in mind that this a weekly ranking, and that all rewards are always given on Mondays. In case you were not an active participant in the previous PvP Arena session, you will not receive any reward. Also, being inactive for two consecutive weeks will automatically kick you from the upcoming PvP session, unless you manually sign up by yourself.


Should you have any comments, questions, or issues, please let us know! We're looking forward to your feedback :)

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Your Forge of Empires Team Beta


Frequently Asked Questions

What about the sectors on the continent map where the rewards were?

These have been replaced with reward chests. These rewards will be credited automatically when the change goes live.

Is all of the world in the same Arena?
Yes, it is one Arena per world.

I'm in Early Middle Ages, will I have to fight against players in Space Age Asteroid Belt?
Rankings are based on Combat Points, so it is possible that you will face much higher eras until the rankings settle down.

Why don't I have a hard opponent available?
If there is no player available, the NPC opponents will only be medium or easy.

How did I lose points overnight?
Other players can still attack you when you are not playing. Your points are adjusted for up to the first 5 interactions daily.

Can I gain points when another player attacks me?
Yes, you can.

Can I lose points indefinitely?
Currently, you can gain or lose points passively for the first 5 fights of the day. After that, your attacker will gain points but it will not appear on your log as you will not lose further points.

What are in the reward chests?
As with PVP Tournaments, the primary reward is medals. however, there are further reward chests available depending on your ranking.

Which Great Buildings will work with the Arena?

Terracotta Army
Deal Castle
Statue of Zeus
Cathedral of Aachen
Castel Del Monte
Himeji Castle
St Basil's Cathedral

Can I use my PvP Defense Army in my attack army?
Not without removing them from your PvP defense Army.

Is my Defense Army the same as my PvP Defense Army?
No, they are two separate armies.

How are we initially ranked?
All players receive a starting amount of 6000 Combat Points. As you cannot share a rank, until you begin fighting, the initial fighting will reflect global ranking. However, this will begin to change as soon as you start fighting.

What happens to my points at the end of an Arena tournament.
At the end of each weekly PvP Arena, players will experience a 10% reduction in points, unless this takes your score below 6000, in which case Combat points are reset to 6000.
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Thank you for your feedback so far. I'm happy to see how passionate you are about the game. Your comments are being fed back and changes are under discussion. I should have more news for you next week, but please be patient, some of these changes will take more discussion and more time before they can be implemented. I know that you would like to see the changes be implemented more promptly, but rest assured changes are coming.

Some changes are easier to implement than others. With today's release, the restrictions on diamond purchases of Combat coins has been lifted.

Please remember that this is the first of further changes in your feedback, and not the only change that is being made.


The rewards have been updated as follows:

  • Increased medals
  • Bonus reward chest - Increase in Forge Points awarded
  • Units chest is now called 'Rogue Chest' - a chance to win one of an attack boost medium, defender boost medium, rogue hideout, a number of rogues, and a one-up kit
  • Reward chest adjustment to a random chance of: Wishing well, a Shrine of knowledge, Renovation kit, goods, diamonds
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Whilst there are still some changes expected for the PvP Arena, there are no plans to either abolish the new feature nor reintroduce the old PvP towers. We are very much aware of the strength of feeling on the forums, and it has been faithfully fed back. However, it is not consistent with the strong feedback we are receiving from other sources, where the feature is well received.

The changes so far have been largely driven by Forum Community feedback, except in the case where that feedback strongly contrasts with the feedback gathered elsewhere. In order to keep that feedback organic, as always we cannot give you more precise information on where that feedback is coming from.

We are aware that many of you are experiencing battles that may seem unbalanced. This is to be expected in a server of our size and you should begin to see more balance as the Arena progresses.

Whilst some smaller changes will continue to be made, the feature is here to stay. I continue to feedback all of your comments and suggestions. Please look out for the updates we hope to announce soon.


As some of you may have already seen, we're expanding testing on this feature to the International Server only starting Monday. This is to both gather additional feedback and also to test the starting modification that participants will be sorted based on their Era to facilitate fair matches.
As you are already aware, the forum feedback contrasts greatly with the other feedback we are receiving.

We also hope to introduce to Beta some time today, ahead of the International release, the opportunity to purchase extra attempts with medals.