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Spoiler PvP-Arena Take 2


guild ranking

global ranking

age ranking

world ranking
(reset opponents?)
(seems like a placeholder to me)
also, it seems there will be a progress bar
Enter: To enter the PvP Arena you need to set your PvP defending army first. To leave you need to unset it. You can only participate in PvP Arena fights whilst being subscribed. Each fight costs one Attempt.
Your Army: The attack and defense boost for both your PvP armies is taken over from your main city. As soon as you fight against your opponent, you attack his defending army. You can see its boost in the battle tab.
Activity and Rewards:The PvP Arena is an ongoing event with weekly rewards. If you are not active enough you will get no reward. After two weeks of inactivity you will be excluded and lose most of your progress.

Combat Points: The amount of Combat Points is calculated automatically for each battle. All won and lost points count towards the weekly rankings. The Personal Ranking is influenced only by CP you win actively.
Seasonal Rankings: The Personal Ranking resets each month. One month is one Season in which you can climb up six Personal Leagues. Upon finishing each League you receive one reward chest.
Weekly Rankings: The Age and Guild Ranking reset, the Global Ranking combat points decay every Monday. Upon leaving the PvP Arena you will lose part of your Global Ranking CP as well as all CP for every other PvP Arena ranking.
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I hope they align by age than ranking in those ages. The first time it was on Beta I was in Progressive Era and 98% of my opponents was in VF all the way up to SAAB. So there was no way of moving out of the 1001 to whatever that range ended at.


Another attempt to reinvent the bicycle and immediately upgrade it to a vertical takeoff bicycle . I hope Im wrong .
I really hope they have listned to all comments and suggestions, especially regarding the matching system. If they come up with an arena where you meet reasonable resistance instead of impossible fights I will probably be a big fan of the arena.


what is wrong with that?
friends play chess with each other or poker... someone wins, another loses...
you do not have to play if you do not want to lose or win against a friend
create tension when fighting for 1st
would be better if people from friend list (and maybe guild) would be excluded