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Production buildings menu new arrows


I love the arrows to choose fast productions for 5 minutes, 15 minutes etc. But I really dislike when the screen zooms on one of the production building right after: I ALWAYS need to zoom out because I prefer to see most of my city and i need to place again the position of my city in the screen because I sometimes watch for many productions to end (when i do them every 5 minutes to get supplies fast).

You may add a checkbox at the top of the production menu so we select if we want this kind of zoom, or, why not, allow us by this checkbox to select which one of the production menu we want to zoom in (either always the same one(s) or the last production building shown, as it does right now).

Thank you very much!


Hmm, I never have that happen to me. I always click and press the number corresponding to the slot being produced (1 for 5 minutes, 2 for 15, 3 for 1 hr, and so forth) and it kept its zoom (which I had it all the way zoomed out).

Perhaps clearing the cache can solve this, but would do well with a video or multiple screen shots. Also, I think this should fall under the "bugs" section.


I assume this is an issue experienced on a desktop as I don't experience this via mobile/app. Perhaps those that play mobile/browser experience it?


I too have problem with unwanted change i zoom in Browser version. I do believe it have to då vith incidens and the game at trying to tell me there is an incidens in my town, zoom in or an incident i the sorounding of the town, zoom out. Anyway, what ever cause it, it is very annoying and I rather saw an icon telling me, that I have incident I need to find.


.... is this an A/B test feature...?

I still have my old well-known production menus, without any arrows.

(and I start my productions the same way as Thunderdome - by number keys. You can even keep the number pressed down and click-start your buildings one after another, with just a tiny flash of the production menu. One of the best features ever.)
I really hope that is some kind of bug. I dont know why should anyone zoom out after collection of buiding... zoom should stay on level user have it and not change... really hope it is not some new "feature".


Why are there differences between players within the beta instead of mass testing, especially after so long?
Would there be privileged testers?
Now that I finally can see what it does on live (still dont have it on beta) I can say this. It is great function. Really! I love it. It saves a lot of time. But please please please remove that zoom in in the end. Why it is even there? So when I have 20 blacksmiths it will tell me which one is last? You can focus on the building if you want but why I have to zoom out after every production round?


- I don't understand why this was not tested at BETA before going live
- Don't touch my zoom :mad::mad::mad:
- Speed up the animation between the windows.
- make a similar system to cancel all productions
- put numerators on the windows, so we don't get lost .. like ... 1/15 ... 2/15 ... 3/15 ... etc.
- I don't understand why this was not tested at BETA before going live
I heard it was... but only some people have it... dont ask me why, I still dont have it... but if everyone could test it here, they would have these complains sooner... not now after releasing it on live... I read forums on my live world, many people are pissed about that zoom...

I still dont understand what is the purpose of it... to make it look "cool"? Thank you, not interested. Get rid of the zoom and it will be GREAT feature. Thank you