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Player FP bank.


Player FP bank to save FPs instead of being forced to spend them all the time.
This facility enables a player to bank their FPs instead of constantly spending them.
The idea of saving facilitates players in setting goals. For example, I want to save, so I can participate in the 1.9 donations to another player's GB's. It's good to have choices and options in a game. Replicates life.
Each player, at a certain level, could earn an FP bank. It could work like the Friends Tavern or Antiques Dealer. So players can spend or save.
I'm not sure. I'm not a game developer. I would think it would have a positive impact.
Abuse Prevention
I can't see what sort of cheating could occur. Just opening up the discussion.
Player goal setting and choice in the FP area would add a positive dimension to the game by earning an FP bank.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
Yes I have. I can't see this exact suggestion.


Similar enough has been suggested before - whether you call it something different or not.

The developers have in recent years demonstrated a clear desire to prefer sending FP to bar than giving players packs (expedition was changed from packs, quests in Mars+ were changed to 10 bar FP instead of a 5 FP pack). Making you find somewhere to spend them now is what they prefer - it's more active than saving indefinitely.

If you're in an active 1.9 you can already bank your bar somewhat reliably anyways - combining a portion of your current stored packs with your current bar to take a spot, and then getting back a larger bank when the level completes.
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already implemented
it is called "The Arc"

and btw
this idea is against the game concept
you should spend your FP or you get "punished"

punished =
- no more hourly FP with 10+ in the bar.
- can't collect if more than 100+ FP in bar

For example, I want to save, so I can participate in the 1.9 donations to another player's GB's
start small: place 5 with 10 FP
not directly going for place 1 which needs thousands of FP

with those 10 FP each time you can increase the FP in the inventory
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But it is easy enough as it is to build up an FP bank, stash, horde or whatever you want to call it.
1, Donate to GBs on the 1.9 thread.
2, Arrange private swaps with guildies or friends so that you both get a paying spot on each others GBs.
3. Snipe hood GBs for a profitable spot.
4. get them from recurring quests

Am sure there are more ways. Cannot think of them st the moment.