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Path 4

1: Ubernose
2: Meowber
3: Ginger Faker
(somehow, that nose reminds me of ginger ^^)


Path number 2

Rudolph - the red nosed snowman
Groucho McGrinch - he stole Christmas
Capt'n Kirk - who went where snowman had gone before


Community Manager
Pathfinders, it is me, Juber!
Thank you for looking out for me. I got lost in the Wildlife Park and thought I would melt again! But look at me, I found my nose! It was buried in a special box. In this box were a lot of things: Forge Points, Goods, Medals and Diamonds! Oh and also a note. It reads:
"Dear Juber,
I did not steal your nose back in April and did not bury it here. But I am glad you found it. Here are some things to keep for you.

Not Fire Witch"

Hmm, from who this letter might be. I have no clue.
However, as you found me, I will give the contents from the box to you, once I found the way back. It may take a couple of days, because I also have to reunite with my team and we have to go through your funny suggestions for the other snowmen. So please be patient until then. See ya!
Not open for further replies.